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Simulation - Essay Example

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In order to properly manage these activities companies many times formulated project teams. Project management is an organizational management system that…
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Extract of sample "Simulation"

Download file to see previous pages This paper summarizes the simulation and provides analysis of project management concepts and applications.
The simulation showcased a company called the Huduma Foundation whose goal is to preserve wildlife by rescuing and rehabilitating wild life in the national parks of Kandivar. During the simulation the project at hand require the transfer of eight elephants from one park to another. The application of sound project management techniques enabled the managers the ability to complete the projects and deal with different contingencies that turn up during the course of business. I learned that its is essential to have a plan of action in place at all stages of the project in which the risk and benefits associated with the event are considered. During the second stage of the simulation the project manager was faced with different alternative solutions to deal with a problem concerning the transfer of the elephants. As the PM was evaluating the different options new information was provided concerning the availability of military assistance. The new contingency created a new path that allowed for an optimal solution. A project manager always has to stay analyzed all information and react to any new trends that can affect project implementation.
During the course of the simulation the concepts of project management guided the Huduma team by providing a sound plan to complete the mission. The advantages of project management techniques included having an actual plan that provides both pros and cons of each alternative route. This plan must considered both risk and time as critical success factors. The risk must be minimized, while the time schedule must be optimize in order to meet the deadlines. When choosing between risk and time a project manager should prioritize the minimization of risk over time constraints since risk that cause a project to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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