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Although most people think that a poem has to rhyme, it is not always necessary. However, because of its very short format, the poet has become a master at using language. This can be seen in Robert…
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Topic below
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"Topic below"

Download file to see previous pages The order that he gives to the man’s actions – he dies, then he gives up loving, then he lives with her – makes it clear that his death was not literal but emotional.
Imagery is used in the first stanza as the poet presents the wedding band as a form of retainer. A retainer is a kind of restraint that forces something to remain in place. Creeley says the golden wedding ring was only “the first retainer,” forcing the reader to see the ring as a leash.
The tone is established throughout the poem as the information is presented. The second stanza should give an impression of passionate love-making as it is presumably occurring on the wedding night, but instead it seems somewhat cold. It is labeled as the second restraint he placed on her and she, again, has no active part in the action. He just wakes up, leans over and kisses her without any consideration for what she might want.
Throughout his poem, Creeley uses the technical tools of literature such as language, imagery and tone to make his point clear. Although his couple presumably loves each other at the beginning of the poem, they are seen as emotionless zombies by the end. If one reads the poem a little closer, it seems the reason this marriage has lost its passion is because of the restraints he’s put on her which removes her exciting mystique and he loses ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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