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Define managers and discuss the changing nature of management - Research Paper Example

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This has been the case for a number of decades now and it will continue to be as such in the times to come. Managers have attained significance because they carry out the pertinent tasks of management and they do so…
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Define managers and discuss the changing nature of management
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Download file to see previous pages The managers lead teams, execute ideas, develop the workforce and allocate resources for the sake of all concerned. Their essential duty is to bring out the very best through collective efforts of the team members and to ask of these very team members to give in their best on a proactively consistent basis. Managers therefore have a definitive role to play within the midst of an organization and it is because of the above-mentioned reasons that managers have had their say within the decision-making tenets. Managers are responsible for nearly all aspects that come under their auspices. The management realms ask of the managers to take the initiative, gain control and lead teams so that their end results are significant towards the eventual goals of the organization. Managers are usually very accessible in their working methodologies and hence it is easy to get along with them on the part of the people who work with them or under their aegis.
Management is therefore a very broad area which must be understood within the proper domains before moving ahead any further. Management stems its basis from the classical perspective, an area that banked heavily on the use of more leaders rather than managers. However with the changing times, the focus has been put on the shoulders of managers so that they could showcase their management talents and abilities as well as deliver instant results for the sake of the business entities they work for. Management has remained firm in the belief that people need to be supervised in an able capacity by a leader who can deliver whenever the going gets tough. This leader must stand up and be counted for the sake of not only his own self but also the subordinates who work under him. In essence, he is actually working towards building a solid base for the sake of his organization which is all the more important. Once again, the emphasis is on building capacity management ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Define Managers and Discuss the Changing Nature of Management Research Paper.
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