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Emergency service managment - Research Paper Example

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Therefore, from above, we can deduce that an emergency manager is one who is in charge of the organization/branch that provides…
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Emergency service managment
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Download file to see previous pages Thus, emergencies are evolutionary in that they change with time, such that, every emergency is unlike the other. Therefore, in order to keep up with these changes, emergency management has gone through changes on its own by improving plans and increasing responsibilities.
Apart from the original role of coordinating in times of crises, disasters, and their use as resources, emergency managers have new responsibilities. These roles include being informants on potential emergencies to larger institutions such as the government and their affiliate bodies. In addition, emergency managers are accepting new roles involving liaising between various agencies and planning. Prior to the current changes, emergency managers were tasked with a number of duties that directly related to the emergency management. A manager’s role was that of preparing an organization to the capacity of handling any emergency (Sutkus et al 2). Moreover, they were to keep their staff informed on tactics required from them; moreover, they were to participate in frequent training and exercise; in order to keep them in shape in case of any emergency.
In addition, emergency managers’ traditional roles do not involve collaboration with partners and engage directly with the community concerning information dissemination and collections of feedback. However, there is a need to have these relationships in place between the public and the management service as well as liaisons with other service providers. An emergency manager is required to have command and control of emergencies by communicating with field operators. Therefore, with this, a manger is allowed to assess the situation adequately and advise on appropriate measures. Thus, with the changes occurring globally in the provision of emergency services, emergency managers require new skills and knowledge. This is in order to cope with the dynamic changes happening everywhere.
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