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Global Business Management, Module of: International Marketing Management - Essay Example

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Culture is a dynamic and ever evolving concept that consists of a vast body of rituals, norms and traditions that are based on mutually accepted and widely shared perceptions among members of a society. Culture, in a sense, identifies a society and gives it a distinct flavour…
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Global Business Management, Module of: International Marketing Management
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Download file to see previous pages Such a translational blunder occurred when ‘Nova’, a car manufactured by the South Asian automobile giant Hindustan Motors was exported to Spain. While ‘Nova’ meant a ‘bright star’ in rest of Europe, it meant ‘going nowhere’ in Spain. You would not expect very many Spaniards to buy such a car, would you? Similarly, while the colour yellow is usually associated with a sporty, cheerful and chirpy character and ambience, it is considered a bad omen in China as it is associated with Yellow River or the river of sorrows that causes untold havoc and misery in the lives of numerous people living along its banks by flooding their homes and fields every year. A Japanese car manufacturer learnt it the hard way when its cars failed to leave showrooms in a flurry as they were doing elsewhere in the world. Thus, culture has emerged as one of the most important criteria in positioning a product, especially for companies manufacturing consumer products and services.
Traditional approaches have been determined with domestic markets in mind. Such an approach, known as Local Consumer Culture Positioning (LCCP), was very prominently displayed in advertisements of ‘Marlboro Man’ where the specific traits of individuality and masculinity, so very intertwined with American psyche, were exploited to the hilt to create the image of the so-called Marlboro Man that struck an immediate cord with numerous American males.
The other approach adopted by marketers, especially when they attempt to penetrate new markets, is known as Foreign Consumer Culture Positioning (FCCP) where the product is positioned as symbolic of a desired foreign culture. This is most apparent in case of perfumes and wines where any association with France is bound to increase their desirability many times over. Sometimes the name of a country is alluded to impart a unique character to the product as in Foster’s ‘Australian for Beer’ or in Harley Davidson’s ‘very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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