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A Critique of Ray Charles the movie using Merelmans Hegemony/Counter-Hegemony model - Essay Example

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Such movies inspire the human beings in a way that would tend to be for better. “Ray” is one such movie that was based on the real life…
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A Critique of Ray Charles the movie using Merelmans Hegemony/Counter-Hegemony model
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Extract of sample "A Critique of Ray Charles the movie using Merelmans Hegemony/Counter-Hegemony model"

Download file to see previous pages The whole setting of stage along with artist’s makeup, dress designing etc. matched the life styles of people during late 40’s time period.
“Ray” is a musical biography of the famous legend Ray Charles Robinson who was born in a small town in Georgia. The movie discloses the various events that occurred in Ray Charles life since his childhood days like losing his sight at the age of seven which took place immediately after witnessing his brother’s death influencing him both physically and mentally. Inspired by his mother to make a way on his own in the world, Ray found his passion for music by playing piano. Developing soul music and pioneering in mixing gospel, jazz etc. into his own inimitable style of music gained him reputation and fame worldwide. With the appreciation of music on one side and segregation from clubs that launched him, Charles aided the rights of artist in the music business corporation. “Ray” portraits the struggle and effort that Charles faced to overcome the drug addiction and exploring his musical genius.
The movie begins in Northern Florida where Ray Robinson used to play for a country club and later leaves to Seattle in the late 1940’s. Ray picks up a job in Seattle where his struggle and hard work is exploited besides being paid less money. Certain scenes in the opening of film reveal life of Ray highlighting his blindness, for instance Ray’s manager being mad about Ray cooking in the dark, but later she is reminded of his blindness stating that absence of light does not make any difference for Ray. Few incidents which occurred in the childhood days of Ray frequently interfere with his present and are shown as flashback to let the audiences know more about Ray’s family background.
The very face of American music changed with Ray Charles as he never liked the barriers or labeling of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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