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Theories of Media - Movie Review Example

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Thank You for Smoking, directed by Jason Reitman, is a film about Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart) in beating the odds with his job. As a chief spokesman for Big Tobacco, he is facing great challenges that other kind of job rarely experiences, along with advocates of gun and alcohol industries…
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Theories of Media
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Download file to see previous pages The only tool he has in this philosophical battlefield is his charisma and skills in clever rationalization. In actuality, the film centers on Nick's crisis of conscience as he denies the hazards, rhetoric, and moral qualms that his job involve with. Adding to the complication of the story is the presence of his son, who chooses to believe him despite the obvious facts that are tagged along with the kind of career he has. Along the way he met two people that put twist on his life, the investigative report who thinks she got Naylor by the neck for her own scheme, and win the interest of the tobacco head honcho. The movie also tackles the wondrous possibilities of having enough money to bribe certain responsible media, such as film, to advertise almost anything even hazardous element like cigarettes. It takes near to death experience and a child's welfare that convinced Naylor to oppose his expertise.
Even not directly stated, but the sub message is clear that Hollywood is more influential and glamorous than the Washington, but still both cities are essentially in the same business of promoting and tolerating public influential ideas.
Putting in an ugly light the moral sectors who themselves have moral issues to resolve with, and depicting the being of a person of the social antagonist. The film balances between the stand of smokers and non-smokers. Leaving to the audience the decision which argument they most likely conformed. It is the matter of choice that matters and how responsible one should be with his stand.
Joey, Nick Naylor's son, informally represents the audience of the film, putting up sympathy toward his father's job by agreeing his arguments, but still having his own mind, doubtful about cigarette smoking. And like Joey, audience able to understand that Nick is only doing his job in order "to pay his mortgage", just like anyone else working.
The production targeted mature audiences because of its theme. It is an engine to capsulate the culture and business of professional argument. Informally aim for public awareness about social influence.
In the movie, a certain journalist, played by Katie Holmes, has her own scheming method to penetrate the perspective of a tobacco lobbyist. A person like Nick Naylor, in his status, is a subject for media content. Like Gazeteciler stated, every angle of the hero's argument and personality is subject for news framework, it is changeable.
California's Proposition 99 is a response to the neo-puritanical culture. It is the real issue ongoing sub context to the film. The aim of this form of media is to awaken the senses of the public or rather a reminder of how social influence and authoritarian responsibilities in a way audience can relate and sympathize with.
Even before this film is played in cinemas, it already gains both praises and negative critiques. The content of the movie itself is controversial enough to even produce a 'gimmick' for its press release. The title could catch attention of the authority concerns, enough for them to get alarmed. That's why the press release agency effortlessly brought the advertisement of this film, but still aware that it won't be in a blockbuster list because of its sensitive theme and the fact that some genre of audiences cannot be allowed for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Theories of Media Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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