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Its services cover mobile telecommunication and managed data network (Investor Relations, n.d.). Its vision mentions the type of services it offers which it performs to…
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Business Organization Analysis Mission/Vision/Goals
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Download file to see previous pages With continuous research and development in the field of telecommunication, the company can innovate for better technological infrastructure and system that it can offer to the public. It sets its standard, that is, “quality, efficiency and innovation” geared towards the benefit of people (Investor Relations, n.d., para. 1). The direction is clear and fosters a commitment on its part which reflects the factual accomplishment in networking by providing mobile services to 99 percent of the country’s population.
T-Mobile’s mission focuses on the reputation of the company in the market as one that can provide the highest quality service in telecommunication with “passion” to provide freedom of movement of the people. Its goal to achieve the pinnacle status in telecommunication is clear but the second portion of the one-sentence vision is not specifically defined. Thus, the mode by which the people can have freedom to move is not clearly explained. While the mission mentioned about its service and passion to deliver it to all people, it did not take into account its values, beliefs and ethical standards; it failed to advocate its strengths and competitive advantages; it did not evoke its responsibilities to the public that would include not only delivering telecommunication services but also its commitment that telecommunication will not be used to the detriment of the people; and how the employees would be regarded and treated within the company premises. There is no mention of the culture the company would like the officers and employees to imbibe.
Assessing the contents of the mission and vision, they are not generally good. The company is mainly concerned on its reputation, its system and technological infrastructure and “everyone” who can be inferred as the end-user or consumer. There is no mention of the organizational development in favor of the employees and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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