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Press Release - Essay Example

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Tyler Hayes Weinman, a former resident of Palmetto Bay and Cutler Bay, was arrested on 19 counts of animal cruelty, plus 19 counts of disposing an animal body illegally, and 4 counts of burglary according to The Miami Herald.
Weinman, 18 years old, attended Miami Palmetto…
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Press Release
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Extract of sample "Press Release"

Press Release For Immediate Release June 14, 2009 Facebook helps catch alleged cat killer SOUTH MIAMI-DADE, FL---Pet owners in South Dade can rest better tonight after an alleged cat killer is apprehended by the police early Sunday morning.
Tyler Hayes Weinman, a former resident of Palmetto Bay and Cutler Bay, was arrested on 19 counts of animal cruelty, plus 19 counts of disposing an animal body illegally, and 4 counts of burglary according to The Miami Herald.
Weinman, 18 years old, attended Miami Palmetto Senior High for the 2008-2009 year, was arrested at a house in Coral Gables during a party shortly after midnight Sunday morning The Miami Herald reported. Witness state he did not give the police a statement. He was booked Sunday at 1:23 p.m. at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center according to The Miami Herald.
Simultaneously a warrant was served on Weinman’s mother’s house. The police searched the mother’s house, plus a shed in the backyard according to The Miami Herald. No reports are available on what, if anything, the cops seized.
Weinman hired attorney David Macey, who spoke with WSVN-Channel 7 according to The Miami Herald. David Macey proclaimed his client’s innocence. Macey will be ready for the arraignment tentatively set on Monday. Weinman’s bail was set at $154,500, which has not yet been met.
Weinman’s downfall occurred when he signed up for a Facebook group called “Catch the Cat Killer” reports The Miami Herald. More than 1,000 members had joined this group in hopes of catching the cat killer.
The first case was reported on May 10. Over 30 cats had been mutilated, often cut open and thrown on their owners’ lawns. A police report shows one animal was ‘posed’.
A news conference was held this morning. Three police agencies worked this case. One Miami-Dade Police Major was Julie Miller. Apparently Miller tracked Weinman on tips from the local communities’ posts on Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace. What led to the arrest is the community talking and bringing us information, Miller said The Miami Herald states.
Miller went on to report that Weinman was arrested “based on a totality of circumstances”. She also added that the investigation was ongoing and might go into other counties.
No motive was suggested for the horrible attacks. Weinman’s parents are divorced living in the area. Apparently the teen felt comfortable in the area where the cats were found mutilated, since his mother and father lived in the areas. A report had been mentioned at a community meeting about a teen living between two homes in the two communities where the attacks occurred. Weinman’s parents have not released any comments.
After several posts on the Internet a couple of weeks ago, the police will not elaborate whether they were posted by a community member or Weinman himself, the police focused in on Weinman.
Weinman was quested on the night of the Palmetto High prom according to The Miami Herald. Although 18, Weinman did not graduate from Palmetto High.
Weinman has had several run in with the laws before reports The Miami Herald. Apparently Weinman had been arrested twice as a juvenile on unknown charges. As recently as May 29, Weinman was arrested for possession of marijuana.
Profilers advised the police to look for a loner, Jeffery Dahmer type. So the whole community was surprised by Weinman’s arrest. Weinman was a Swim Gym Aquatic Summer Camp counselor, a class clown, and got along well with friends’ animals according to The Miami Herald. One acquaintance related, Hes nice guy. Ive known him since sixth grade, said Vincent Warger, 18, who attended Palmetto High. ``He was the kind of kid I hung out with in a group. Hes pretty cool, a chill guy. Seemed like a pretty normal kid. Ive been to a few parties at his house.
The butchered cats’ owners now feel a sense of security that they have not felt in over a month. One owner according to The Miami Herald was Barbara Wiesinger. Her cat was one of the first found. Her cat “Cami” was found with the eyes gouged out and the snout removed. She told The Miami Herald I think the whole thing is a big tragedy, she said. ``Its just sick.”
According to The Miami Herald, Weinman faces a minimum fine of $5,000, six months in jail, and psychological counseling for each count.
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teen lived in Palmetto, Cutler Bay area.” The Miami Herald. 14 June 2009. Accessed 14 June 2009 from Read More
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Press Release Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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