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Evolution of security cameras and computer monitoring software - Essay Example

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Safety and security have become the most important needs of contemporary world in all spheres ranging from personal homes to offices, public places and every place that has a potential threat of terrorism, illegal activities, or any other form of harm to life and possessions…
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Evolution of security cameras and computer monitoring software
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Download file to see previous pages Emphasis has been laid on the requirement and usage of software to protect information and technology. Various laws with respect to privacy violation of general public, and that advocate administration of security surveillance for the benefit of society have been briefly described. The paper concludes with an opinion on the importance of security surveillance and responsibility towards society in adapting to the surveillance equipment for a peaceful life.
Safety and security of life and one’s possessions has always been a basic need in order to live a confident and satisfying life. These are equally important for protection of official possessions, infrastructure, data and information, storage systems of products and official data, etc in all spheres of life including offices, business units, production houses, hospitals, manufacturing plants, hospitality and entertainment setups, travel mediums, financial institutions, etc; infact, this list would include all the places having potential risk of attracting loss, damage, or harm from external sources. While these form a part of the physical security, security of electronic data is also a much evolved concept in the contemporary world. The common goal of any security system is to protect life, possessions and/or information and premises.
Security in these spheres comprises of many tactical approaches, whilst security devices for surveillance form one of the most important groups that have evolved from basic to the more complex systems over the last two decades; these advancements are said to have enhanced after the September 11, 2001 (Fischer, R.J & Green, G; 2004). An accurate analysis of perceived risks and security issues are required to design a good security and crisis management policies and procedures. Security of any place requires the effort of many different functions like the security officers, premise design, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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