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Sustainable design is the basic philosophy of designing all the physical equipments or objects, services and corroborating environment in such a way that they comply with the different principles of sustainability. The basic objective is to design our future systems and…
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of the Topic Sustainable design is the basic philosophy of designing all the physical equipments or objects, services and corroborating environment in such a way that they comply with the different principles of sustainability. The basic objective is to design our future systems and procedures in such a way that they help the planet to sustain its limited existing resources for future conservation.
Reasons for choosing this topic
Increasing population of the world and rapid industrial and economic development has put a lot of pressure on the existing resources of the planet. One way to cope with this situation is the design and development of ecologically sustainable sources in order to eliminate the dangerous environmental threats. The basic reason for choosing this topic therefore is to assess the impact of such product design philosophy on the automobile industry in UK and analyse how this may impact the future orientation of this sector.
Present Access to research information
This research study will be performed by accessing the available literature present in the library of the university as well as accessing online databases such as Emerald etc.
Potential Problems
Since the literature on this topic is relatively new and may be lacking the empirically validity therefore researcher expect that the up to date relevant literature on the topic may be difficult to find and access.
Strategy to cope with this problem
In order to cope with this problem, the researcher intends to broaden the scope of this study by studying and accessing large number of cross sectional as well as international literature on the topic and will draw parallels from that information to assess the potential impact on the firms in UK. Read More
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