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With reference to two out of the seven regions identified here (see below in assign.criteria) ,how useful is it to continue classifying and contextualising media systems in geographical terms - Essay Example

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Countries of the world got ‘formed’ or created into geographical entities, and its people followed specific culture, language, etc on the basis of the geographical boundaries. Thus, from aiding the origination and the demarcation of the countries, to the evolution and the…
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With reference to two out of the seven regions identified here (see below in assign.criteria) ,how useful is it to continue classifying and contextualising media systems in geographical terms
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"With reference to two out of the seven regions identified here (see below in assign.criteria) ,how useful is it to continue classifying and contextualising media systems in geographical terms"

Download file to see previous pages “Geography is a visual representations are part of individual and societal conceptions of the world but also because of medias power to conceptualize and spread political ideas and reinforce hegemonic orders.” (Zimmermann, 2007). From the commercial point of view also, geography helps a lot in finding the target customer base for the media houses. Although there is no physical restriction to media content and it can reach any regions, geography induced media content is mainly applicable to specific geographical region. For example, the geographical boundaries of the Middle Eastern as well as the North American region and the commonality in most issues have led the media houses there to classify and contextualize the media content in a particular way. As this practice is happening world over, the aspects which need to be discussed are the advantages or disadvantages of continuing to compare the worlds media systems on the basis of geographical location. For that, the paper will bring out the differences between the historical forces which have shaped the media in Middle Eastern as well as in the North American regions. Finally by case studying the prominent media houses of the respective regions, CNN and Al Jazeera, the paper will discuss how it is disadvantage to classify and contextualise worlds media systems on the basis of geographical location.
Middle East region of Asia has been one of the most active regions ever since the discovery of oil resources, and the resultant entry of foreign countries and firms. With the entry of outsiders, all forms of technology developed including the communication and media technology, which developed along with optimum media exposure. Both these two aspects particularly media exposure also lead to the development of indigenous media. Although few forms of media had already been established, the proliferation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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With reference to two out of the seven regions identified here (see Essay. Retrieved from
(With Reference to Two Out of the Seven Regions Identified Here (see Essay)
With Reference to Two Out of the Seven Regions Identified Here (see Essay.
“With Reference to Two Out of the Seven Regions Identified Here (see Essay”, n.d.
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