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After reviewing the Millennium development goals, I have decided to write about what I’m going to about access to basic services like sanitation, water and other social needs for the vast majority of the world’s poor population. This goal is an attempt to make sure that kids…
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International Econ
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After reviewing the Millennium development goals, I have decided to write about what I’m going to about access to basic services like sanitation, water and other social needs for the vast majority of the world’s poor population. This goal is an attempt to make sure that kids in developing countries have access to at least the basic services like water and sanitation. It is a fact that nearly 30% of the world’s poor do not have access to these services.
Among the things that I plan to do at a micro level after reading the goals at a macro level is to be judicious in using water. I’m not going to use more than what is required and avoid wasting water altogether. I believe that we in the developed world have a duty not to pollute the atmosphere as well and hence I’m going to ensure that my car is up to date with the latest emission standards. This, I think is the least we owe to the developing world i.e., cutting down our carbon footprint.
Apart from this, I plan to visit some of the areas affected by water shortage and try to learn first hand what the problems are and what I can do as an individual. I can petition my congressman and senator about the legislation that would bring about changes in the way aid money from the US is spent. For this, I need to have a clear understanding on what the goals and objectives are about.
In conclusion, I believe that each of us has a duty to ensure that we live in accordance with the environment and we should remember that we have merely borrowed the earth from the future generations and hence we have to ensure that they have a chance at the good life. Read More
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