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Media Ethic - Essay Example

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The Indian Express Newspapers (Bombay) Employees’ Union and Others, beautifully summed up the relationship between news media and social justice. In his judgment he…
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Media Ethic
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Download file to see previous pages A Free Press serves the nation successfully when it serves its family fairly.” (Babu and Shetty, 255) Though context of delivering the judgment was different, but role and ethical importance of the news media have reflected from his judgment.
Role of ethics in journalism has become so important that media ethics has emerged as a new discipline of study in this field. Progress in the field of media ethics depends greatly over “responsible journalism’ as it aims at conveying “truth and enlightenment.” (Berry, 82) Media ethics has been provided with so much important these days as it has failed to comply with its integral relationship with social justice. The morality factor plays an important role in the development of media ethics and factors like ‘social and self-responsibilities, duties, rights, consequences, truth, trust, objectivity-subjectivity, public interest, representation and purpose’ are associated with it. In the book, Social Justice, Matthew Clayton, Andrew Williams have commented, “Issues of social justice, in the broadest sense, arise when decisions affect the distribution of benefits and burdens between different individuals or groups.” (Clayton, Williams, 1) The concept of social justice is essentially related with common people and issues related to the sense of justice. It is expected that all forms of media will attempt to heighten the aspect of justice from different perspectives. Looking into the current condition of news media it is widely regarded that it has declined to some extent from its actual role. There are several occasions, where news media has failed to comply with its role as voice of people. This is the main reason that ethics in case of news media is provided with special attention. Recently, the unequal distribution of power factor is becoming increasingly conspicuous in the society and on several occasions the news media has intentionally refused to pay attention to such factor.
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Media Ethic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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