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Technological changes in the contemporary society have changed the way that people operate and relate. Social media has revolutionized the delivery of information and news, and most “breaking news” often ‘break’ through social…
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Influence of Social Media Social media shapes my life in diverse ways. Technological changes in the contemporary society have changed the way that people operate and relate. Social media has revolutionized the delivery of information and news, and most “breaking news” often ‘break’ through social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In the main, it has significantly changed human interactions and the nature of their businesses. It influences interpersonal relationships, even among strangers who live world apart. The use of various forms of social media is a current trend that shapes lives and personalities in both positive and detrimental ways.
Social media plays several functions. In previous generations, before the advent of social media, people relied on traditional news outlets such as television, radio, and newspapers. Fast forward, and nowadays people log into their social media accounts to see current trends (Ahn 1436). For that reason, social media is a source of information, available on a handheld gadget. In addition, several people have started their businesses online, and thus, it is a form of startup and a means of employment for both ordinary and techno savvy individuals (William 11). Finally, social media allows people to show their emotions transparently and reveal their whereabouts in a general manner that alerts their friends.
There are several benefits of participating in various social media. Firstly, social media keeps people up-to-date and informed about current events (Pernisco 12). Although it may sometimes be unreliable in terms of content, it is the fastest source of information in the modern world. Secondly, social media promotes social justice. The ability to express opinions online reaches several people and concerned parties. For that reason, a mass of people can pass a point across, create social awareness, and in consequence, enhance social justice. Thirdly, and most importantly, interconnectedness through social media promotes tolerance of other cultures and races. Social media enables people from different regions to interact like friends.
There are several drawbacks of participating in various social media. The loss of face-to-face interaction is one of the detrimental effects of social media in my life. I am unable to communicate and relate with friends as I used to during my childhood years.
Illiteracy is another detrimental effect (Pernisco 8). The use of slang and shortened abbreviations has lessened the level of literacy of most people in the society. Overall, technology makes people lazy because it reduces drive and motivation, for example to work. Finally, a dangerous drawback is the viral social disadvantage, which may work against a person or a business brand (Neti 3). An individual or a person can damage their reputation if they make a mistake online, because of the wide reach, as compared to when they make a mistake offline.
In conclusion, the way that one uses social media determines the resultant benefits or drawbacks. Although there are several drawbacks, the benefits of the use of social media are visibly more than the detriments. Every generation has its own invention that transforms the way people live and interact. Social media is a modern-day invention, comparable to the invention of electricity in previous centuries. As such, the value of social media depends on the appreciation and understanding one has of its benefits. If one uses social media outlets effectively, he or she can enjoy its several benefits.
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