Off-Shoring of White Collar Jobs /Central Planning to a Market Economy:Russia - Article Example

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Putin, being in-charge of affairs in Russia has been able to bring in more discipline and prosperity. However, writer is of the view that such model linking…
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Off-Shoring of White Collar Jobs /Central Planning to a Market Economy:Russia
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The Myth of the itarian Model This article deals with how a relatively new model of governance can lead to the economy stability as well as growth. Putin, being in-charge of affairs in Russia has been able to bring in more discipline and prosperity. However, writer is of the view that such model linking autocracy- as, he terms the rule of Putin in Russia, with the economic growth is not correct as there have been no historical precedence which can empirically prove that the autocracy can lead to the rapid economic growth.
This paper, however, seems to be a scathing criticism on Putin and his way of controlling the government and its various entities. It seems less to focus on how such control has led to further discipline within the economy as well as the Russian society as the average Russian life has improved over the period of time. It is also critical to note that the writer has completely failed to determine as to how democracy can be linked to economic growth, though he attempts to link both with each other. Though the empirical studies may have suggested that democracy brings in economic growth. However, examples of some countries from MENA region indicate that the democracy is relatively not required for achieving economic growth as it can be achieved through multitude of different factors which are not particularly attached with the democracy as such and can be exploited under any system of governance.
Does any form of governance is correlated with the economic growth?
Globalization, Offshoring, and Economic Convergence: A Synthesis
This article discusses two different sets of opinions regarding the impact of globalization, off shoring on the employment level in US. The paper outlines that on political grounds; this may be a problem as increasing number of politicians is of the view that such actions by the organizations lead to the significant unemployment within US as the jobs are relocated outside the country in a bid to save costs. The economics point of view indicates that the labor markets have the ability to adjust themselves and respond to such changes by creating new jobs in place of those which are being replaced.
What is, however, important to note that the author has completely failed to point out as to how such process is leading to the overall welfare of the American people. Though through such mechanisms, the wage rates may be an issue. However, the welfare which is transferred to the Individuals in the shape of low cost products and services is not accounted for by the writer as that implicit cost also leads to the greater Welfare of the individuals which can compensate any instability into wage rates caused due to globalization and off shoring. What is also critical to note that the author has successfully demonstrated as to how the new trade theory can be jelled together with the economic policy of the country to influence such outcomes? However, what is left behind is the fact that in the process of globalization and off shoring, developed countries always seem to win because of obvious reasons.
How globalization and offshoring results into more welfare for the people? Read More
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