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The difficulties of raising many children in these days - Research Paper Example

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Childrearing is a difficult and complex phenomenon. There is a misconception that childrearing means to provide food and shelter to the children. However…
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The difficulties of raising many children in these days
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Download file to see previous pages The case of Nadya Suleman will be used as an example for better explanation of the context.
The relationship of doctor and patient should be dealt with special care as a minor mistake may cause a great loss. However, there are certain cases, as of Nadya Suleman, where patients do not think of the long-term effects of their decisions. Before taking a final decision, it is important to think of its forthcoming consequences. Doctors may not compel the patient on anything. Yes, but there always exists a way to advice and explain them things which may be harmful for the patients themselves or for the people associated with them. As far as the transfer of embryos is concerned, doctors are not liable to take decisions about keeping them or not. It is in the hands of the patient to take such personal decisions. On the other hand, the patients should be well-informed about the harmful consequences of keeping and giving birth to them as the patient’s decision, in this case, does not only have an effect on her life but also involves the life of the coming children.
In Vitro guidelines state that women under the age of 35 should not transfer more than 2 embryos at a time. This guideline of course carries some importance and should be considered. However, there is no such law imposed in the United States about restricting the number of embryos transferred to a woman’s body. The embryo research conducted by American Academy of Pediatrics state that the number of embryos to be transferred to a woman’s body has been a controversial issue. Despite of the harmful effects of transferring more than 2 embryos at a time, it will be morally problematic to conduct any activity which would result in the destruction of embryos. This is one of the major reasons that America has not imposed any such law so far. Some countries, however, have imposed restrictions on the number of embryos for the betterment of the mother, children, family and consequently the whole society ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Difficulties of Raising Many Children in These Days Research Paper.
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