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Explain The ethical Issues when the board of directors must approve plans for moving a company production facilities from a stateside location to an overseas location - Essay Example

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They will find it hard to get another job and hence ethical implications are sure to hit the organization in a very direct manner. Also…
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Explain The ethical Issues when the board of directors must approve plans for moving a company production facilities from a stateside location to an overseas location
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"Explain The ethical Issues when the board of directors must approve plans for moving a company production facilities from a stateside location to an overseas location"

Download file to see previous pages The utilitarian theory manifests its truest self here by discussing the happiness or the lack thereof, with concerns to the people who will lose out on their jobs and finances once the company decides to move its production facilities from a stateside location to an overseas one. The utilitarian theory will judge the exact amount of ethical considerations in line with the undertakings of the organization once it decides to change locations (Cornman, 1992). The utilitarian theory thus emphasizes a great deal on the workers’ understanding of the situation at hand and how they will cope up with the future implications of moving production facilities to an overseas location.
The company’s leadership should balance the needs of the workers in line with the organizational goals, mission and vision. No one can take preference over the other and it is the duty of the organizational top management to comprehend how it can mesh the two factors to have a win-win situation at the very end. This will ensure success at all levels, as well as manifest growth and development at all possible levels and towards all workers who seem to miss out on the premise of working for this organization in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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