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American's consuming unhealthy amounts of t.v., video games, and web surfing - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Addict is a word that is seldom used to describe a healthy situation. The term generally evokes the assumption of a drug or alcohol dependence but other…
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Americans consuming unhealthy amounts of t.v., video games, and web surfing
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"American's consuming unhealthy amounts of t.v., video games, and web surfing"

Download file to see previous pages Lifestyle preferences such as a being a ‘couch potato’ usually involve overeating which, not surprisingly, contributes to weight gain. In addition, another byproduct of being a ‘couch potato’ is a lack of exercise which is a major factor in obesity. The problem is not simply aesthetic in nature. It’s a major health problem in this country which has wide reaching affects.
Obesity has been linked with at least 30 adverse health conditions. Arthritis of the knees, back, hips and hands are common ailments of the obese. Breast cancer is twice as prevalent among obese women and men as compared to those of comparable gender that maintain a relatively stable weight as an adult. The obese also have a higher risk of contracting other cancers such as colorectal, esophageal, gastric and endometrial. The risk of cardiovascular disease is greater because obesity has a direct correlation with high cholesterol levels which blocks the arteries of the heart. In addition, the veins of the obese are more constricted which slows oxygen to the tissues of the body and prompts complaints of breathing problems, sleepiness and general fatigue. (“Overview of Obesity”, 2007). Obesity is the precursor of many significant health risks which costs individuals their lives at an early age and costs everyone else billions of dollars. In 1995, for example, obesity cost taxpayers almost $100 billion, about half of this figure is costs related to health care services, the other half in indirect expenses such as the total economic production lost due to time off work. (Wolf, 1998: 97).
Playing violent video games and watching violent television programs, in the short term, appears to affect hostility by prompting aggressive thoughts. Long-term effects are liable to be longer lasting as well because the player is trained then practices aggressive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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American's Consuming Unhealthy Amounts of t.V., Video Games, and Web Admission/Application Essay.
“American's Consuming Unhealthy Amounts of t.V., Video Games, and Web Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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