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The Quantitative reasoning for business document that I had reviewed has the necessary information to help students prepare for further studies in the areas of business, finance and accounting. The QRB lays down the quantitative aspect of business problem solving and the…
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Self-Reflection Paper
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The Quantitative reasoning for business document that I had reviewed has the necessary information to help prepare for further studies in the areas of business, finance and accounting. The QRB lays down the quantitative aspect of business problem solving and the emphasis is on using mathematical and quantitative methods to problem solving.
A par of a manager’s job is to find out and prepare models and forecasts based on past data and then extrapolate them into the future. The trends that are needed to be studied to arrive at a decision are taken and the quantitative modeling is applied on to them. Therefore, there is a need for quantitative problem solving skills for the managers. The QRB course aims to do that.
Careers in finance and accounting depend on the managers and the employees employing the latest in trend forecasting and other kinds of analysis to fit the models at hand. Accounting, in particular depends a lot on the ability to do number crunching. Thus, finance and accounting need advanced mathematical skills to succeed.
Economics is all about numbers and the way in which one reports the same in annualized GDP numbers, growth forecasts or other such forecasting methods. A quantitative approach and learning quantitative methods are thus useful for any student planning to make a career in these fields.
My taking the QRB course has benefited me as it has refreshed my understanding of econometrics and use of ratios and trying to understand financial statements. It has given me an opportunity to revisit and learn new things from the module. I hope to apply these concepts when I study further and in my career.
The theoretical framework that I have learned has meshed with the statistical side of the problem solving model and in this respect the QRB course has come in handy. I have learnt the details that go into the numbers and am now confident of taking further courses in Economics, Finance and Accounting that have a need for these skills. I intend to take as many courses as possible in these subjects.
In conclusion, I have to state that I have utilized the opportunity as a learning experience and one that should help me in my further studies. Read More
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Self-Reflection Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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