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Generally, in any given organization the function that’s used to determine the process of performance of daily activities in the business is the operations management. The operations management is needed in any organization regardless of whether it deals with services or…
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Business Process Analysis
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Running Head: SOUTHWEST AIRLINES Generally, in any given organization the function that’s used to determine the process of performance of daily activities in the business is the operations management. The operations management is needed in any organization regardless of whether it deals with services or goods. Its main purpose is to keep track of production, delivery as well as the process, activities and tools needed for the daily operations. Operations management is a very vital part of any given organization and it take up to about 54% of all costs in the business.
The categories of undertakings under operation management may include acknowledgement of stakeholders’ interests, sustainable organizational development, among others. The goods firms are some how different while being compared to the services companies with operations management in focus. Some of the attributes to consider for an operations management in a services firm are; information distribution, transformation of information, financial functions, transportation and movement of people and goods, and experience generation. (Nankervis, 2005)
This study is going to analyze the Southwest Airlines’ four processes that are linked to the daily operations and performance determination. To this, this question is to be answered in a comprehensive approach,” Which four processes can be identified in SWA (Southwest Airlines) and that are utilized to determine its daily business performance?” Several functions are going to be analyzed and which are unique to SWA.
One of the main processes is the supplier information function, which according to SWA is highly dedicated to ensure quality services to customers alongside a company spirit. The company is also committed to ensure that employees are provided with a stable environment of work. The section strives to make air fares stand at their lowest levels. Therefore, the company seeks to all suppliers to quote lower prices so as to ensure that the costs are low enough to keep their commitments.
Secondly, at SWA there’s the customers service commitment. The company ensures highest quality of customer service under this section. SWA is committed toward delivery of flights at a frequent rate. The organization in its entirety empowers every of its employees to make decisions so as to ensure high quality of customer service is enhanced. (SWA, 2009)
Also the Airlines is committed towards ensuring that there is total safety when it comes to employees and customers. The company has a strong culture of maintaining safety as regards these two groups of stakeholders. For instance; the company grounded 44 of its planes in March 2008, subsequent to the admittance to flying crafts that were past their inspection date for cracks. (Newser, LLC, 2008)
Under investor relations section, there is the function of corporate governance. According to the SWA website it is a highly recognized company because of its outstanding citizenship and it goes on to quote that it had been among the most socially responsible corporations as per that Global Finance magazine and also in the fortune Magazine-both citing its efforts towards sustainable development.(SWA, 2005)
Thus, appropriately, one can conclude that the company is a services business and toward ensuring a smooth running of the operations process some of its functions have been quoted. This is in the pursuit of answering the question, “Which four processes can be identified in SWA and that are utilized to determine its daily business performance?” However, it is good to note that the operations functions are not limited to the mentioned four.
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Swa. (2009). About Southwest Airlines. Retrieved February 20, 2009 Read More
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