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Can we trust othello - Essay Example

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C. when tragedy was first given a formal definition by the great Aristotle, one can find its constant use in the creation of literary works, many of which have become traditional hallmarks in the annals of literature. The medium…
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Can we trust othello
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Download file to see previous pages The end of such works has always resulted in the death of the protagonist. Aristotle had said that (Stanley C. Boorman, 1962):
The above line is an excerpt from ‘Poetics’, a work of Aristotle that has been the basis for many of Shakespeare’s novels including ‘Othello’. There has been a stress on the part of the playwright to express a hero’s tragedy in all its forms. Additionally, it has also been emphasized that the protagonist must be characterized by a significant flaw that should ultimately lead to its downfall. In the case of the ‘Othello’, which has been named aptly after the protagonist himself the story ends with Othello killing his wife Desdemona on suspicions of adultery before turning the dagger onto himself (Oscar Zarate, 1983). The present story is an attempt to argue that the character depiction of Othello in the play is one that is not capable of being trusted on the basis of several arguments. The following paragraphs will highlight the subject further.
Othello is one of the most widely discussed plays that has been researched over several decades by many eminent philosophers and critics. As such, the role of various characters and subjects dealt with in the essay have been discussed quite widely and are available for further discussion and refinement in the form of books, articles and journal publications that have been published over the years. Given the abundance of this information, the current study aims to highlight the intended argument by citing several critical examples and excerpts from a few literary sources that are deemed requisite for the argument. Along with these arguments, the essay will simultaneously argue the stand taken by basing on these citations.
While studying literary works, the use of theory of post colonialism is often found which deals with works that originated from previously colonized places such as Britain or France. The theory discussed on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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