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The paper "Exposing Workers to Plutonium" describes that workers who have occupations at a nuclear plant, which require that they be necessarily exposed to radiation like plutonium, are among workers who are at high risk in their health as well as their safety. …
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Exposing Workers to Plutonium
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Exposing Workers to Plutonium Workers who have occupations at a nuclear plant, which require that they be necessarily exposed to radiation like plutonium, are among workers who are at high risk in their health as well as their safety. A number of incidents have occurred stating plutonium spills exposing worker’s health to dangers. This substance was said to remain in vital organs of the body like lungs or may move to the bones, liver, or other body organs (ATSDR, 1). But generally, such substance stays in the body of affected person for decades and may evencontinue to expose the surrounding tissues to radiation (ATSDR, 1). As a result, a person may develop cancer in the lungs, bones, liver depending on how long it has remained in the person’s body.
Despite laws and regulations on maintaining safe workplace and compensating employees for occupational illnes, the fact remains that there are incidents occurring that continually expose workers to danger in their safety and health. Hence, there is a need for greater protection to the health of workers, provide appropriate health care, address their other health concerns and have standards to prevent accidents or incidents in relation to exposure to such radiation (Silver, 3).
Workplaces and establishments which expose workers to such radiation must therefore come up with standards to ensure safety of workers, provide protective devices, informing workers of adhering to such standards for their safety and other protective measures. This goes not only to government agencies but also business establishments engaged in nuclear radioactivity.
In order to address this problem, there must be community based approaches as well as case studies of incidents regarding radiation to identify what other reforms as to occupational safety may be put in place not only to protect workers but the community as well (Silver, 15).
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Exposing Workers to Plutonium Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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