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All the members of the team should be combined well in order to execute a mission properly. A team of experts which consist of various segments related to fast food and health care industry is required to fix the problems identified by…
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Team Development & Motivation Running Head: Team Development & Motivation Team Development & Motivation Team Development & Motivation 2
Team development is a complicated process. All the members of the team should be combined well in order to execute a mission properly. A team of experts which consist of various segments related to fast food and health care industry is required to fix the problems identified by the department of health to my fast food eatery.
The reasons or the origins of the issues should be identified first to tackle the problem correctly. For that purpose the activities of my eatery needs to be evaluated from the beginning to the end. I should evaluate the food processing, ingredients of the food which I provided to the customers, hygienic conditions of the processing people, suppliers and the physical environment of the processing area and the supplying area. Frome this detailed analysis I will be able to isolate the issues to be attacked.
“In the Forming stage, team members are getting to know one another and getting comfortable with one another. Members will naturally try to understand their own roles, the roles of the other team members and their purpose in the group. This is entirely natural and to be expected.” (Stages of Team Development) The team members must coordinate with each other and they should understand the importance of the mission clearly. One bad performance from a team member can adversely affect the mission. So as a team leader I must make the team aware of the importance of coordination to achieve the goal.
I should have a reserve bench of substitutes to utilize during the mission if I feel that a particular team member needs to be replaced for some reason. Conflicts can
Team Development & Motivation 3
occur between team members and as a leader I must settle all such conflicts for the best interests of the mission.
Off shoring business activities often create panic among the employs because of the fear of losing jobs. It is difficult for a manager to manage the work force under such conditions. The fear of losing job may lessen the productivity and will create agitations against the company. It is the manager’s duty to explain the requirement off shoring to the employees. It should be done in a convincing manner.
The manager can utilize the Expectancy and Contingency theories of motivation in such circumstances to motivate the employees. According to expectancy theory, people behaviour at work and their goals are not simple. The employee performance at work is based on individual factors such as personality, skill, knowledge, experience, and abilities. The theory suggests even if the individuals have different sets of goals, they can be motivated if they believe their effort leads to performance and performance results in desirable reward (Prit, 2007) The manger should assure the employees that nobody loses their present job and moreover some of them may get overseas assignments as part of the off shoring process which may result in higher wages. The manger should inform the employees that the performance is the only criteria for the selection of overseas assignment. Such tactics will definitely encourage people to improve their performance to get the better overseas assignment.
Team Development & Motivation 4
1. Stages of Team Development, Retrieved on February 17, 2009
2. Prit, 2007, Employee Motivational Theories and Their Applications in Modern
Organizations, Retrieved on February 17, 2009 Read More
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Create a Topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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