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Correlation Between the Amount of Hours Studied per Week and the Points Obtained Within One Semester - Speech or Presentation Example

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The results show that self-discipline was positively correlated with academic performance, school attendance, choice of high school to attend, and time spent doing assignments…
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Correlation Between the Amount of Hours Studied per Week and the Points Obtained Within One Semester
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Download file to see previous pages Their research delved on the correlations among hours spent studying, learning style, and academic performance as measured by grades. The study made use of 34 mechanical engineering students who were requested to log into a study diary within a weeks time. The tool utilized for students learning style was that authored by Biggs – the Study Process Questionnaire. The results suggest that a shallow approach to learning is strongly correlated with longer study hours and high class attendance. It is thus possible to still have low grades despite high class attendance. The efficiency of the students learning style thus matters still.
The study has been undertaken to determine the correlation between number of hours of study and academic test score. Moreover, it intends to ascertain if there are significant differences in both hours of study and academic test scores on the basis of gender. As such, the following are the hypotheses tested in the current research:
The research takes on a quantitative approach, mainly gathering numerical data on two variables: hours of study and academic test scores. Two other variables have been gathered, namely, gender and grade. Gender has two levels, male and female. There are also two levels for grade, Grade 12 and Grade 13.
There are a total of 40 respondents for the study, which have been selected randomly. There are 20 males and 20 students from each of Grades 12 and 13. Random sampling has been used to ensure that the sample that is yielded is representative of the whole population of interest. Thus, valid conclusions may be garnered.
The randomly selected students were asked to explicitly give consent for their participation in the study. They were asked through phone interviews about the variables of interest, namely, number of hours of study and academic performance scores. All the data have been manually encoded through Excel, and then transferred to SPSS ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Correlation Between the Amount of Hours Studied Per Week and the Speech or Presentation.
“Correlation Between the Amount of Hours Studied Per Week and the Speech or Presentation”, n.d.
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