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A critical analysis of the concept of addiction with reference to drug misuse - Essay Example

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People who rely on addictive substances for the normal functionality of their bodily functions become addict to the used substances. In terms of drugs…
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A critical analysis of the concept of addiction with reference to drug misuse
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Extract of sample "A critical analysis of the concept of addiction with reference to drug misuse"

Download file to see previous pages those that are harmful for health such as Marijuana, cocaine, opium, hallucinogens and many others, people become addicted to the usage of those drugs (Giannini 1997). The drugs that are prescribed by the doctors do not appear to be harmful for the users but those that are harmful and are used without the help of any doctor or in terms of self-medication come up with negative consequences in terms of health and life security.
The drugs that are prescribed the doctors can also be considered as abusive when a person gets addict to the drugs. After being addicted, the tolerance level of a person increases due to which, an increased amount of drug is required by the person that can harm him/her in terms of his/her health (Kalivas and Volkow 2005).
Drugs that are considered as causing addiction are mostly illegal drugs such as cocaine, nicotine, caffeine, heroin, Marijuana, opium and many others (Goodman 1990). When people start misusing the drugs to a harmful level, they become addict to the drugs due to which, they have to depend on the drugs for their physical sustenance and normal health. This dependency on drugs is not considered a negligible issue as the number of people who can be called as dependent on drugs and addicts are increasing day by day (Nestler and Malenka 2004).
The addiction to drugs causes many dangers for the health of men as well as women. Illegal usage of drugs causes such consequences that are not facilitating for the drug users. Women are categorized as mostly disadvantageous in terms of misuse of drugs because of their future or current pregnancy (Giannini 1997). The misuse of drugs causes many types of diseased effects in the users due to which, they are unable to lead normal lives and face many health issues. People always seek out for drugs in spite of knowing the dangerous consequences being caused by drugs because of their becoming addicts.
People use drugs on a regular basis due to many factors. Many people make use of drugs because ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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