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On Horizontal Recruiters - Essay Example

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Horizontal recruiters at first looks like a very bitter piece from a young man who went into the military because he thought it was what he was supposed to do. He did not realize that he could have stayed home because he was the only son in his family. He sheds a different light…
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Essay on Horizontal Recruiters
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"On Horizontal Recruiters"

Download file to see previous pages It is the only cemetery that is under the Armys jurisdiction while the other 113 are under the Veterans Administration. He notes that although these men and women who are buried there were once regular citizens like the people who come to read their names, they are seen as heroes. The Army has glorified these corpses as something that should be revered and that it is something that people should be humbled by because these soldiers laid down their lives for their country.
The author also suggests that President Kennedy also became a heroic entity within the walls of Arlington because of his assignation and the fact that he is the most visited grave in the cemetery. He talks about the fact that although he was under court martial his father was able to get him out of it and this act led to him being elected president later. All of this information made the author angry about what he was seeing how the Arlington Cemetery as a tribute to the militarys need to emulate its victims.
Another historical fact that he brings to light is the fact that Arlington was once named "Freedom Village" and it served as a place where free slaves were living just after Lincoln freed them. This was a place where they could receive permanent housing and community service. This was an established village for them for over 30 years. Unfortunately because it was under the jurisdiction of the Army, many residents complained that the living conditions were like living in slavery. After the war it was more difficult for the ex-slaves to get the help they needed and the federal assistance they were receiving was reduced. He makes the point that the Arlington National Cemetery brought this about and created a welfare state before there was welfare available to the nation.
Another travesty that this young man is upset about is the fact that in Arlington National Cemetery blacks and whites could not be buried together. This created another way for the slaves to be separated within the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay on Horizontal Recruiters Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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