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WheelWorks Business Case Study - Essay Example

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1). Since the emergence of formal human organizations, experts have been thinking about ‘what motivates employees at their workplace’. Many theories and techniques have been developed by eminent thinkers to evolve appropriate theories that would help organizations to…
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WheelWorks Business Case Study
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"WheelWorks Business Case Study"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, employee needs are used to motivate employees across organizations universally. Maslow’s need hierarchy can be explained as below:
This is the basic need of every individual. It is concerned with satisfying the primary needs such as food. Until these needs are satisfied, no individual would look forward to satisfy his/her other needs. A famous saying ‘man can live on bread alone if there is no bread’ suggests that human beings first try to acquire necessities for their survival. At Wheel Works, for example, the employees are being given highest possible wages along with bonus and sick pay.
Once primary needs are satisfied to a reasonable degree (which is mostly subjective), the second level of needs comes. This need is concerned with the safety of an individual from danger or self-preservation. It is to be noticed that human beings will think of safety of their lives only when their need for food is met. In an organization, safety needs can be met by establishing safety system that ensures employees are free from danger and accidents. In the Wheel Works factory, for example, employees are assured sick pay, health plans.
These needs in the ladder of Maslow’s need theory represent the desire for belongingness, which is concerned with human desire to be accepted and appreciated by others. When it becomes dominant, individuals try to create meaningful relationship with others. In an organizational context, where employee supervision and control are stringent, informal groups may be formed to interact among one another in the group. For example, the sales force has the freedom to do the correct job.
The esteem needs are concerned with self-respect, self-confidence, a feeling of personal worth and feeling of being unique and recognition. In the context of Wheel Works, employees are given the freedom to work and excel in their work.
It is the need to maximize one’s potential, whatever it may be. This is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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WheelWorks Business Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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