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Critical assesment of geochemistry and geophysics - Essay Example

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Archeological sites are areas where there are preserved indications of activities that took place in the past. These can be activities…
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Critical assesment of geochemistry and geophysics
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Download file to see previous pages It is mostly the remnants that have been buried by layers soil and rocks that have higher chances of being preserved. This is because the exposed cultural remnants may be displaced by anthropogenic or environmental factors (Blofeld J. 2004 p.71). The buried remains are usually covered with sediments accretion from water and wind erosion or natural processes such as earthquakes, mud flows and earth quakes. Some old structures may also be buried when new ones are built on top of them.
The buried remains are effectively explored through geophysical and geochemical prospecting. These methods are efficient in detecting the invisible characteristics of the remains. The devices used in are significant in distinguishing between relics, which is significant in tracing human remains. The two techniques were developed in a bid to increase professionalism in archeology. The use of geophysics is an effective way of detecting deviations in the magnetic field of the earth through the use of magnetometers. These magnetic fields emanate from artifacts of iron metal as well as structures that were made of stone. Together with these techniques, devices that measure electrical resistance of the soil are also used (Bose R. N. 2005 pp.56-57).
Geophysical and geochemical prospecting are two major techniques that have been widely employed. The two techniques are significant in the identification of human activities that exist as remains buried under the earth surface. The characteristics of the remains are analyzed by an expert who establishes whether they represent human activities or natural factors. The archeological site of Apamee was investigated with the use of the two techniques. They have enhanced the understanding of this archeological site. In the United Kingdom, the two techniques have been applied in many archeological surveys (Braithwaite, R. 2001 pp. 121-123).
Fluxgate gradiometers are the most commonly used for surveying due to the fact that they are affordable for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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