A multi-Sensory Experience as a food critique - Essay Example

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Else the waiting time is half an hour to one hour. It was really pleasing to eyes as the old ethnic and traditional touch was there in the restaurant. The walls of the restaurant were…
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A multi-Sensory Experience as a food critique
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Arabic Restaurant Greet and Welcome “as-salaamu alaykum wa raHmatul-laahi wa barakatuhu” The sense of sound is really pleasing and respect for the guest is easily depicted in their tone. One feels honored and feels like king.
Because of their respectful and “Adab” the rush was tremendous and need prior reservations. Else the waiting time is half an hour to one hour. It was really pleasing to eyes as the old ethnic and traditional touch was there in the restaurant. The walls of the restaurant were more of carvings and paintings with much of the fine work. It seems Arabic people have very superior art of carving and mixing of colors to provide the rich look.
Culturally Arabic are very different from English culture. The major difference is that they give too much respect to the visitor and they are too oriented for their “mehmaannawazee”. They believe in the dress where one is well covered and they give utmost respect to the ladies and feel that she is the biggest responsibility of a man. They are more family oriented and they have a very close knit family. This is different from American culture. The dress sense of the host and waiters were also very ethnic and “Pathan” suits.
The food served contains lot of spices and different herbs that are being added to get the flavour. Only some of the ingredients were described in their menu but not to a greater length. Their appetizers contains Hummus and meat, fried kibbi, sambusak, grilled cheese, Falafel, labneh, Makanek, Sojak, chicken tender etc. Salads contain Tabouli, House salad (Diced), Tahini house salad, Fatoush, Greek, Ceasar, Garden, Some special salad containing a mix of romain lettuce, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, onion, mint and parsely with olive oil and lemon served with roasted pita bread. The sald had an option to add Chicken or Gyro. The salads were dressed with creamy garlic (as Arabic food contains lot of garlic paste), house dressing, ceasar and Ranch. Then the Menu also displayed “Entrees” encompassing beef kabob, Chicken kabob, Kafta kabob, Mixed Grill, Salmon kabob or blackened, Shrimp scampi, Fried Tilapia, Fried shrimp (as Arabic food contains lot of fried preprations), fried seafood platter, chicken breast, Beef shawarma plate. The ingredients were not mentioned but the prepration showed that they will provide a meal as is is served with pita bread and House salad.
Along with all these preparations the sides including spicy potato, yogurt cucumber, pickles, olives and tomato, fried cauliflower, basmati rice were also there. Major Arabic preparations go with rice and hence we also opted for the same.
The “Manakeech” contains Halloum cheese, Ackawi cheese, Zaatar, Makanek, Soujouk and Labneh. These were served with the toppings of olives, cucumber, tomato, onion and fresh mint. Along with wraps pita and French fries are served. The Wraps contain: Beef shawarma, Chicken shawarma, Gyro with Taziki sauce, golden chicken wrap, golden fish wrap, cauliflower wrap, falafel wrap were some more to add.
Desert items include, Cakes (Cheese cakes, chocolate cake, Black Forest cake). It also encompass Arabic sweets, Ice creams, Fruit plate and banana split. The special shisha flavour includes double apple, strawberry, rose, mixed fruits, mint and grape, orange, watermelon and more. Above all drinks offered were fresh fruit juices fountain drinks, soft drinks ice tea, American coffee, Persian tea, Perrier, hot chocolate, white mocha, milkyway, coconut mocha are some attractions.
As a food critic I must say that Arabics are rich in tradition and culture and so is their food. Their preparations are also very rich in nuts and spices with lot of oil and garlic ginger prepration. It cannot be compared with American food as both are totally different in their richness. All the taste buds are stimulated in Arabic preparation and also the aroma of the food can spread to far distances.
The hygiene in the restaurant was not to the perfection and I would rate the parameters as: Taste =A, (Marvellous taste although spicy but opened all the senses)
Service = A, (Ultimate and with respect)
Décor= A, (Rich in cultural display)
Cleanliness= D, (this area needs a bit improvement)
Authenticity= A,
Quality=A, (preparation was good)
Price=A (as they are quite inexpensive)
Arabic preparations are best in the Asian continent. The experience says that depending upon the geographical distribution the nature of food varies. This is an implication of the floral distribution and also the fauna. I appreciate the preparations made and they are really classic but one cannot eat them on the daily basis just to stimulate all the five senses. Read More
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