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The Late Paper - Essay Example

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A basic consequence may be explained by various justifications, real or imagined, but what needs to be clear to the individuals is the…
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The Late Paper
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Download file to see previous pages In the scenario presented, Kim is the most responsible person for her own failure. It may seem unfair, considering she has done her part in completing her requirements for the course, but did give in to the temptation of delaying its submission due to her desire for pleasure with her friends. She became complacent in her duty to submit her paper before its due date because it was already done ahead of time.
Arnold, Kim’s husband, further puts Kim in trouble by refusing to drive his wife to her professor’s office to make it faster and more convenient for her to submit the paper. He is so immersed in his own insecurity of Kim’s rise to success that he tries to sabotage it by being unsupportive. His pride as the man of the house keeps him from allowing his wife to develop as person, as she is most likely to overtake him in terms of stature.
Cindy, Kim’s classmate was a carefree influence in Kim’s decision to delay the submission of her paper. Cindy was out for a good time with Kim and her friends that she did not consider the importance of Kim’s priority.
Philip, Arnold’s co-worker is responsible for planting insecurities in Arnold’s psyche by feeding him malicious information regarding Kim’s desire to better herself as a person through her studies. In teasing Arnold that Kim will be able to find a college guy to replace him, Philip has undeniable triggered Arnold’s jealousy, which prompted him to be unsupportive of Kim.
Professor Freud has not been remiss in laying out her ground rules form the beginning. However, in Kim’s case, being an “A” student, the good professor should have just exempted her from her tardiness of a mere 15 minutes in submission of the paper. She knows how hard Kim has worked, and should have considered her performance for the whole term instead of a minor fault as a deciding factor in giving Kim an “F” for the course.
Mary, Professor Freud’s secretary, tactlessly gave Kim assurance that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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