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Quality Outcomes Framework (measuring client outcomes in disability and out of home care services) - Research Paper Example

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Title Client Outcomes Framework Institution E.W. Tipping Foundation (Large Non-profit Provider) Purpose Meet the need of a large non-profit provider providing care and support service to Out of Home Care for children, and for disability clients Target Audience Senior Management of E.W…
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Quality Outcomes Framework (measuring client outcomes in disability and out of home care services)
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, children with a disability/disabilities are those children who suffer an impairment in their health, communication, movement or learning, which adversely impact their social engagement and education (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2012). Identification of National Standard of Quality Outcomes Model Out of Home Care Program for Children and Young People Ideally, the Best Outcomes Model was conceived to specify the best possible results for the Out of Home Care program for children and young people. While it is preferable and is even possible at the institutional level, as of this writing the Best Outcomes for Out of Home Care has not yet officially been specified for the national level. Efforts, however, are underway for the determination of the National Standards for Out of Home Care, which is in its consultation stage under the auspices of the Australian Government Department of Social Services. The aim of the National Standards for Out of Home Care is to “drive improvements in the quality of care so that children and young people in care have the same opportunities as other children and young people to reach their potential in all the key areas of well-being.” These key areas of well-being referred to for children, young people and the disabled include health, safety, culture and community, spirituality, emotional development, learning and achieving (Australian Government DSS, 20 Aug 2013). The National Standards aims to identify the key factors in the delivery of care that directly impact upon the positive outcomes of quality of care for children and young people. Presently, there are 13 standards which comprise the National Standards for out-of-home care, and measures have been identified by which outputs could be gauged against these standards. The hope is that measurable standards will be defined and set at the best practice level, to ensure that all legal jurisdictions in Australia are aimed at driving improvements consistent with each other. These factors that may form the bases for standard setting include (Australian Government DSS, 20 Aug 2013): Stability of placements and relationships Regular health and well-being checks Transition planning that involves children and young people (i.e. into during and existing care) Appropriate carer assessment, screening, training and support By setting the standards and defining the best practices, the goal of defining the desired outcome for children in care, in a manner that is identifiable, measurable and therefore capable of objective assessment, becomes possible. These desired outcomes for children in care, herein identified according to their respective areas of well-being earlier specified, include: Health, both physical and mental Attain and maintain good health Develop effective coping style Safety A stable environment that is free from physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse Develop social connections Learning and achieving Achievement of developmental milestones Participation and achievement in education Emotional development Stability in behaviour Positive and supportive relationships Culture and community Cultural identity and ethnic pride Participation in community Spirituality Positive sense of identity Connection to family ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Quality Outcomes Framework (measuring Client Outcomes in Disability Research Paper.
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