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American Indian Myths and Legends by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz is a compilation of 160 stories from the rich native repertoire of Native American legends and myths. It is a masterful collection, with Ortiz’s anthropological studies being recounted masterfully by Erdoes…
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American Indian Myths And Legends
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American Indian Myths and Legends Order No. 270468 No. of pages 1st 6530 American Indian Myths and Legends by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz is a compilation of 160 stories from the rich native repertoire of Native American legends and myths. It is a masterful collection, with Ortiz’s anthropological studies being recounted masterfully by Erdoes. Myths are the soul of a culture and in this compilation the authors maintain the oral tradition and provide us with native explanations for the natural and living experiences of our daily lives.” (Gerencser, Marcial)
“Why The Owl Has Big Eyes” tells the story behind the owl’s special feature, which he got as a punishment from Raweno, the ‘Every Thing Maker,’ for interrupting him while he was creating the animals. Raweno was giving the rabbit some of the specific features he wanted, but the owl, impatient for his chance, disturbed him, and in a fit of anger Raweno smacked him in the eyes which made them very large and punished him, saying henceforth he would stay awake in the nights.
“Butterflies”, In this story, the myth behind the creation of butterflies is shown. They were made by the Creator, when he wanted to preserve the beauty of the fall colors and so he put all the colors together in a bag and gave it to the children playing there, who upon opening it, released the butterflies into the air.
“The Great Race” tells how men became more powerful than beasts. A race decided the fate of animals, where the mighty buffalo was pitted against four birds, fielded by humans instead of them to take part in the race. The defeat of the buffalo by the humble magpie, made animals the food of humans and since then buffaloes have been hunted.
“The Raven” tells how the bird came into being. Raven was a lazy man who ate up an old woman’s clams. The clams made him thirsty and as he searched for water the woman came to know of this and turned him into a bird, which is remembered to this day as the biggest thief. (Sabino, Wu, Gutierrez)
Native American Legends
A Traditional Tohono Oodham Story - Butterflies
From American Indian Myths and Legends, Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz, editors. Copyright © 1984 by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz.
The Native American Myths: Creation to Death by MarciaL. Gerencser
The Native American Myths: Creation to Death Read More
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