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Imperial Tyre Sales (ITS) company are the main stakeholders as they import the tyres that are sold in the US market. The Chinese Company, HZH1 Rubbers are also major stakeholders, who exports the tyres to ITS. The American…
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Study case S
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Download file to see previous pages ion Safety Administration (NHTSA) is a vital stakeholder as government agency who has the duty to see that road transports maintain high standard of transports and transport maintenance that promotes safe transportation. Basically, there are many stakeholders involved along the supply chain from manufactures to the end users as outlined above.
The two pillars that have been broken by Imperial Tyres Sales are the trustworthiness and responsibility. The company has abused the trust of its customers who expected goods of high standard that would be safe to use. The notion of trustworthiness posits that when we someone is trusted, he is given a leeway by others because they do not feel the y need contract assurances that the same person will meet his obligations. It involves being honesty, integrity, reliability as well as loyalty. However, these elements of the pillar of trustworthiness have been broken as a result of low quality products that were supplied by HangZhemHai. ITS’s actions have also been against honest communication with the law and federal agency who should have been informed about the inferior quality of the tyres. They have also shown crass disregard for professional integrity by looking for their self interest at the cost of its customers’ safety. The pillar of trustworthiness has been broken by these two as their actions did not put into consideration the people’s safety. On the other hand, the pillar of responsibility has been broken by Hang Zhem Hai Rubbers by not upholding the expected standards of producing quality products that would be safe to be used by the consumers. The pillar of responsibility states that we should be accountable for our actions by always striving to pursue excellence. HZH has not been responsible in its actions for not putting enough gum stripes in its tires. HZH has been extremely indifferent to the fact that their low quality of tyres could be potentially dangerous to the safety of human life. In actual fact it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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