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No one can deny the influence of the leaders, as they are the one who have to lead a certain group in order to facilitate the organization in terms of…
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Download file to see previous pages Leaders see a vision and communicate that vision to their followers or subordinates. They focus on tomorrow rather than today. They inspire action and change. They are characterized by their people’s skills, their ability to motivate and get the last ounce of effort from their staff in time of crisis (McGovern, et. al 2008). On the other hand, they frequently dislike detail and routine, and can appear wildly disorganized to their colleagues.
Leaders are optimistic, self-motivated, persuasive, convincing and goal oriented personnel. They are needed in all workplaces because of their ability to lead and to motivate the employees in different times. They help the management in bringing about a change. They facilitate the employees to move in a direction which is considered important by them. The leadership that is considered attractive and effective is that kind of leadership that keeps the capacity of persuasion. Effective leaders are always able to motivate people in their set direction. The leaders make people do their suggested jobs, as they exercise a certain power on employees on the basis of their effective motivation and encouragement (Parry and Hansen 2007).
There are eleven kinds of leadership styles, as leaders are not all alike. They differ from one another on the basis of their opted strategies for leading people. There are bureaucratic leaders who have well thought-out and considered tasks, these kinds of leaders negate the innovatory ideas as they are stick to some set of rules and principles and also make sure that the principles and laws are not overruled (McGovern, et. al 2008). Another kind of leadership style is charismatic leadership in which, the leaders are mostly interested in inculcating energy and fervor in the employees due to which, they take deep interest in a task. Autocratic leadership is a form of leadership in which, the leader has the authority to exercise all his power in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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