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Over the years, the three basic classification of learning theories known as: cognitivism, constructivism, and behaviorism have been widely used in the study of psychology. In general, the use of the learning models under these three basic classifications enable psychologists to…
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Learning Theory
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Download file to see previous pages ntually, examples of learning theories such as: (1) andragogy which is also known as the theory of adult learning; (2) connectivism which focuses on learning as making connections; and (3) the multi-media learning which focuses on the principles behind the effective use of multimedia in learning will be tackled prior to conclusion.
In general, the main purpose of cognitive psychology is to enable psychologists to determine exactly what is going through with a learner’s mind. Cognitivism is actually focused on analyzing the mental processes behind a person’s behavioral changes. (Schuman and Ritchie) Aside from the importance of reinforcement, this type of learning is possible when practicing repetition and contiguity. (Good and Brophy, p. 187) For this reason, providing feedback on mental development of each individual is necessary in order to motivate the learner to undergo the same learning process over and over again.
Jean Piaget (1896 – 1980) is one of the most influential and famous cognitivism theorists. (Huitt and Hummel) As part of examining the cognitive learning of human beings, he proposed the four stages known as: (1) sensory motor stage – infancy to 2 years old; (2) pre-operational stage (trial and error / intuitive thought) – toddler (3 to 6 years old); (3) concrete operational stage –school age (between 7 to 11 years old); and (4) formal operational stage – adolescence (12 years old and above) (Boeree). Based on these cognitive developmental stages, Piaget suggests that the standard cognitive learning development of each individual increases from infancy stage up to the point that we become adults.
Likewise, Piaget also suggests the cognitive learning theory related to “assimilation and accommodation” (Atherton a). This particular learning theory complements the idea of adaptation. It means that increasing the learners’ awareness from the real world enables the learner to assimilate and accommodate newly learned ideas into ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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