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Computer and Technology / Web publishing / Semantic Web - Essay Example

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The semantic web is the dream of containing data on the web which is defined and connected in a method so that it can be utilized by machines not only for the display reasons, as well as for automation, incorporation and reuse of given data and information transversely in a…
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Computer and Technology / Web publishing / Semantic Web
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"Computer and Technology / Web publishing / Semantic Web"

Download file to see previous pages Enabling semantic web services needs the infrastructure such as standard service ontology and architecture (Berners, et al, 2001).
The Semantic Web is not regarding links among web pages. Resource Description Framework is a markup language for unfolding information/data and resources on the web and it as well offers semantic web the processing power. Placing information/ data into RDF files, it is possible for computer programs like web spiders to look for, determine, make a choice, gather, observe and for processing information from the web. The Semantic Web employs RDF to make clear web property. Let’s take an example about data search in semantic web a tour in information searching and presenting cycle. If information of query concerning music, cars, tickets or anything else were accumulated in RDF files, clever web applications might gather information from a lot of diverse sources, unite information, and present the results to the users in a meaningful method (Heflin, at al, 2000).
It is technological perspective that how to implement semantic web but there are few threats about its implementation like, Semantic Web is not an incredibly speedy growing technology. One of the main causes for that is the learning curve. RDF was urbanized by people with educational background in logic and artificial intelligence (Cabral, at al, 2004). For conventional developers it is not extremely simple to recognize. Another point is Semantic markup and resources are really very expensive (Cabral, at al, 2004).
As Economic points of view we see semantic web very effective. Let you are a customer on an ecommerce website (like Amazon) and you want to search a specific type of item. By using semantic web the search results are quick and customer feels satisfaction if he can able to get his required item as well as those items that are relevant to that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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