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United Way of America aims to deal with the roots of the problems that hinder the progress of any one’s life. There are local units around US to reach out to…
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Business Management And Leadership - Planning (U2DB)
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I chose the organization United Way of America for its advocacy in changing the lives of the Americans for the better. United Way of America aims to deal with the roots of the problems that hinder the progress of any one’s life. There are local units around US to reach out to children and youth, to properly educate them with the essentials of life, and not just provide them their short-term needs. They want to help the people as early as possible to provide education, generate income, and improve the health of the Americans.
In achieving goals one has to consider the 10 tips that Humbert (2003) shares in one of his many articles. Reachable goals are summarized to be specific, simple, significant, strategic, measurable, rational, tangible, written, shared, and consistent with your values. It is important for an organization to follow these guidelines. In line with this, United Way of America (2008) sets “three 10-year goals” specifying what their primary goal mentioned above: First, cut down the number of drop out students; second, cut down the number of families who have unstable incomes; and third, increase the percentage of healthy Americans in giving them access to health care benefits. These goals conform to the simple yet straightforward keys to succeed in their attempts to promulgate the cause of the organization.
The United Way of America is an organization rapidly growing because they tap all the important sectors in the communities to help them reach their goals. “So we bring together people from all across the community–government, business, faith groups, nonprofits, the labor movement, ordinary citizens–to tackle the issues” (United Way of America, 2008). The organization knows how significant it is if peoples from all walks of life are able to help one another. It is not just the monetary aspect that can help achieving changing the lives of many. For United Way of America it takes the whole America to help its peoples to come up with solutions, and act out to win their goals.
Humbert, P. (2003). The top 10 steps to set and achieve your goals - every time! Tips for success. Retrieved May 18, 2008, from
United Way of America (2008). The common good report. Retrieved May 18, 2008, from Read More
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