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Theoretical aspects of the phenomenon of child soldiers and scientific issues related to the topic - Essay Example

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Throughout history we do find a few examples of children being involved in armed conflicts. Middle Ages Europe saw children help arm and maintain the Knights. They however only performed minor…
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Theoretical aspects of the phenomenon of child soldiers and scientific issues related to the topic
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Download file to see previous pages During colonial campaigns, armies would capture the children of prominent chieftains and raise them according to the colonial nation’s customs and laws. Nazi Germany used Hitler Youth movement to try to fight the Allied forces in the closing days of World War II. However each of these cases was isolated by time and geography. They were also exceptions to the level of armed combat which children performed.
Ancient wars involved minors as charioteers and armor bearers for adult warriors. This practice can be found in the Bible. War in the middle ages was fought by strong men who had the physical strength to fight in those wars. Children were only used for support roles as they could not be participants in armed combat. The Roman army for instance required physical fitness as criteria for military service which only adult combatants could perform. Fighting with swords, spears, shields and heavy weapons required the use of adult combatants. During the middle ages, military units comprised of knights, heavy cavalry and infantry were extensively used in combat. They used armor and weapons which only adults could perform. The modern era of warfare began with the use of gunpowder. The modern nature of conflict saw the extensive use of muskets, cannons and cavalry against opponents. The weapons and training required to operate these weapons could only be performed by adult combatants. The advent of the industrial age also revolutionized the concept of warfare. By the twentieth century, modern armies were now using tanks, cannons, artillery, fighter jets, submarines and naval warships against each other. Again the use of children was mostly for support roles rather than combat purposes since the expertise required to train and use these weapons was only possible for adult combatants.
During the middle ages, young boys were used as squires but their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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