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Addiction - Essay Example

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Addictions are not only use and abuse of substances, but also behavioral. Allemani (2007) gives a comprehensive definition of addiction when he says,…
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Extract of sample "Addiction"

Download file to see previous pages It is not easy to understand what causes addictions or how an addiction develops in a person. Although one can be addicted to almost anything (including pleasant and harmless things), being addicted to harmful substances, particularly alcohol and illegal drugs, is more than a social problem. As the National Institute on Drug Abuse explains, “One very common belief is that drug abusers should be able to just stop taking drugs if they are only willing to change their behavior. What people often underestimate is the complexity of drug addiction—that it is a disease that impacts the brain and because of that, stopping drug abuse is not simply a matter of willpower”.
The causes and components of addiction are very complex and although many studies have been done throughout the years, there is still not a clear answer to the causes of addiction. It has always been thought that any of the following could contribute to addiction– lack of will power, poverty, moral weakness, mental illness, genetics, family socialization, anti-social personalities and societal problems. It was also believed that addiction is a disease; but again there has not been enough evidence to confirm that.
Causes of addiction can be classified as either mental or physical. The physical causes may be genetic and the mental causes include such things as personality and thinking characteristics, emotional defenses and social influences.
According to Wojtowicz et al (2007), some of the causes of addiction to be studied have included social and environmental factors; interactions between biological, psychological and social factors, misuse of prescription medication; and it may be a brain disease. Some of the social factors that may be responsible for addictions are antisocial behavior, crime patterns and criminal choices, intolerance of boredom, family history of drug use, social interactions and peer influence and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Addiction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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... by her intention to distribute the drugs in addition to the fact that she has had problems with the authorities. The cognitive behavior that Michele demonstrates is revealed by her unwillingness for treatment and the lack of treatment history which makes her case quite challenging to manage. It is necessary to view Michele’s psychological situation from the perspective of her biological, psychological, social, environmental and cognitive frameworks so that appropriate management of her addiction problem can be achieved. A theoretical point of view is used to determine the causes of Michele’s problem in relation to early adulthood developmental stages so that clear stipulation of the solution to her problem can be determined and implemented...
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... to understand what it is going to happen if any kind of addiction becomes part of their lives. Two of the most essential readings on the topic of addiction are “The 10 Most Important Things Known about Addiction” by Doug Sellman and “Injecting Rooms Benefit All, Not Just Drug Users” by Robert Power. This paper makes a reflective summary of these two articles in order to bring out the major arguments of these authors about addiction and its consequences. One of the most fundamental articles on the question of addiction, Doug Sellman’s “The 10 Most Important Things Known about Addiction” offers a list of ten important things or facts about addiction. These ten essential facts about addiction have emerged over the last three or four decades...
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..., hallucination, continuous sweating, and/or death caused by liver cirrhosis or heart diseases. (Drug Abuse Help, 2008; Addiction Research Foundation, 2003) Cannabis withdrawal Sleep disturbances, emotional and physical irritation, the sudden loss of appetite, nervousness, excessive sweating, anxiety, including some occasion of upset stomach, tremors, and chills (Drug Info, 2008) 292.0 Unbearable opioid withdrawal symptoms Respiratory depression which can lead to Michael’s untimely death and acute hepatic injury or failure in case he does not gradually withdraw from the intake of Subutex (Schering-Plough, 2008) 292.81 Dormicum withdrawal delirium Increased level of anxiety, headache, extreme anxiety, tension, sleepiness,...
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Addiction talking about addiction it refers to a limited set of specifics that define the addiction, but the idea of the addictive personality is to see who may be predisposed to be addicted to various activities. Katz points out how addiction is also increasingly accepted and tolerated in society so that many activities and things which may have not been considered addictive in the past, such as food, exercise, work, and relationships, are now also accepted increasingly as valid addictions. Many experts according to Katz try to narrow down the definition of an addictive personality, therefore, by dividing...
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...-mentioned medication. Yes, panic attacks are important to consider because they can prevail along with addiction, both influencing each other dramatically. This condition is called comorbidity in medical terms. DuPont (A54) states in his research that, “Panic disorder and addiction are occasionally comorbid--4.5% of addicted patients have panic disorder, and 16% of panic disorder patients are comorbid for addiction to alcohol and other drugs.” Panic disorder may result from chronic drinking, and vice versa. Hence, one condition does have an influence over the treatment and prognosis of the other. When alcoholism and its concurring panic disorder are not being managed well, the patient should seek health service that addresses both...
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...Future Self” and other exercises aimed at promoting kindness, mindfulness and generosity are used to support the assertion (Krentzman, March 01, 2013). This data is taken from results of previous studies conducted to test the use of this research including metanalysis of 51 respondents and randomized controls on use of positive psychology in drug addiction and the results point to better results and development of lasting relations. Research by Emmons and McCoullough (2003) and Froh et al. (2008) point to the use of positive psychology successfully as well as the use of positive psychology in treatment, recovery and post-recovery care as depicted in practices in recovery centers, recovery organizations/institutions/...
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...relapse, but also remission. Without treatment or involving oneself in recovery activities, addiction progresses and can result to disability. It is also possible for addiction to cause premature death. There are many causes of addiction as well as many types of addiction. Addiction may result from abuse of drugs or use of technological devices such as internet. Addiction as a result of technological devices is often determined by the behaviors portrayed by the victim. In connection with this claim, the paper aims at expounding on social media addiction. In addressing social media addiction, the paper...
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... has established that there is a clear plan to deal with the situation; hence, making it easier to manage after it has happened. In the case of a slip, there is recurrence of behavior where the individual attempts to change but keeps on engaging in problem behavior (Lowinson, 2005). Therefore, it is clear that a slip is less serious than a relapse because in the case of a relapse a person goes back to their former addiction. The prevalence of men relapse is more than that of women this is because staying sober requires that a person have outside support where in the case of women they are likely to seek group counselling. Additionally, people who are isolated by the addiction process need contact from other in order to give them moral...
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.... An individual can abuse a drug or alcohol because one is forced to do so by the group of friends. Introduction There are different forms of addiction, and each of addiction poses its series of risks. While alcohol and drug use often begin as voluntary behaviors, addiction prompts chemical alterations in the brain of an individual. It affects memory, behavior, as well as perception of pleasure and pain (Hollander, 2012). If not controlled in time, addiction can have a lot of adverse impacts on the life of an individual. It is, for this reason, individual’s responsibility as well as of the government to control addiction at all cost. It is, for this...
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.... The nature of drug addiction and its growth to the point when it threatens the life of an addict is an avid portrayal of the fact that addiction is a type of brain disease since such features are ideal in diseases (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2007). Among the basic advantages of the viewpoint is the fact that it offers functional modes of assessing and treatment addiction, as is the case in any disease. The approach views addiction as a brain disease that expresses itself in the form of compulsive behaviors. This enhances understanding of addiction. Most diseases are both preventable and treatable. The same applies to drug...
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Methamphetamine Addiction

This ease in the manufacture of methamphetamine has led to the mushrooming of clandestine laboratories for the manufacture of methamphetamine. Estimates in 2006 put the number of such clandestine laboratories manufacturing illegal methamphetamine in the United States of America was more than 6,435, based on the number of laboratory incidents. Most of these laboratories are located in California or in Mexico (OVERVIEW OF METH).
According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), in the recent past, there has been an increase in methamphetamine abuse and the problems associated with it in the United States of America. This is reflected in the four-fold increase in the number of people seeking treatment for methamphetamine...
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... attention these topics have received has come primarily from concern with institutionalized power inequalities as these affect various social groups (Finkelhor, 1984 pp. 78-88). This paper discusses sexual abuse & sexual dysfunction/addiction and its theories and concepts in a concise and comprehensive way. Sexual Abuse: Its Types and Theories Finkelhor (1984 pp. 78-88) The statistics on child abuse in the UK are truly horrifying, at least one child dies every week as a result of an adults cruelty, and thousands more endure abuse and neglect at the hands of their carers. Yet the known facts reveal only a fraction of the problem. This is because most cases of abuse go unreported, leaving children to suffer the pain and misery of abuse...
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Threat of Gambling Addiction

Any studies on the relationship must reference the definition when making comparisons and judgments. When talking about addiction it is often assumed that a substance is involved, as in alcohol or drugs or nicotine. A particular substance creates addiction. Some concrete entity is responsible for a person’s uncontrollable need to perform destructive behavior.
This is precisely why it is sometimes controversial to include gambling into the category of addiction. No outside substance has been introduced into the system of the person who compulsively wagers money he or she can not afford a chance outcome. Something else propels it. Anyone who has ever known a compulsive gambler will say that person seems “addicted&rd...
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..., affordability and anonymity – that have increased online sexual activity (Young, 2008), it is the inherent latent desires in men and women that give rise to compulsive sexual behavior termed as sexual addicts. Sentenced outline and thesis statement After defining sexual addiction and discussing the ill-effects of such an addiction, this paper argues that the proliferation of internet has brought out the latent desires in both men and women making them sexual addicts. Definition – sexual addiction Sexual addiction is known by various terms such as sexual compulsion, sexual impulsivity and nonparaphilia related disorders (Griffiths,...
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Different Understandings of Addiction

... on the addict’s health as compared to drug addiction (Davies, 1992). For the addict to be able to free himself from the dangerous habits, he may be compelled to seek guidance and professional help, which is basically a process that motivates him to stop the habit. This essay is a critical evaluation of the different understandings of addiction as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Different Understandings of Addiction Drug addiction generally is a chronic disease that develops from constant usage of addictive drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, which may have prolonged effects on the human brain. It starts as a way of spending leisure and seeking relaxation which slowly culminates into a habit that may prove difficult...
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Alcohol Addiction

...., 1995) However, due to misuse by some people, consumption of alcohol beyond the necessary has now become a social problem. It has not only brought harm to the individual’s health. This addiction also causes many vehicular accidents and greatly affects the individual’s personal relationships. Because of its effects, control groups have sprouted in countries where alcohol addiction is prevalent in efforts to save the victims. As an alcoholic affects children, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, relatives, alcoholism can be termed as a family disease. (Parsons, T. 2003) One out of four families has problems with alcohol. (Silverstein, H., 1990) Alcoholics may also be the reason for other problems those people around them will suffer...
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Psychology of Gambling Addiction

... losing heavily (Perkinson 65-114). All these situations being positive or negative cause, with time, a certain level of addiction to the activity as the rich endeavour to be richer and the losers find ways to reclaim their past losses. This paper shall concentrate on its psychological aspects, the effects that gambling has to the addict and their family and the various solutions available for its addiction. Gambling addiction is just a psychological problem and it can be dealt with effectively after cooperation of the sufferer. Psychological aspects of gambling addiction It is important for one to ask the major question; why does one gamble? This question shall lead to the answers as to why and how people end up becoming addicted...
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The Effects of Cannabis Addiction among 16-24 Years and Its Health Consequences

...topic because cannabis dependence limits the attainment of school, work, and home goals. Moreover, a lot of time elapses while acquiring cannabis, using cannabis and recovering from the adverse effects of cannabis dependence. Statistics confirm that about 14.4 million people in US smoke cannabis and about 10 % of them will advance to cannabis dependence (Melemis 2013, p. 1). Moreover, about 13.3% of users aged 16-24 years are cannabis dependent in US while about 17.1% of British 16-24 year old is cannabis dependence (Addiction Today 2013, p. 1). Nevertheless, various addiction theories like the Prime theory (West 2013, p. 1) and the Transtheoretical Model (Grizzell 2003, p. 1) may help us in addressing cannabis dependence among young...
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Drug Addiction in the Workplace

...o add impetus to efforts tackling the practice. Corporate America needs to know how to handle the practice in a manner that upholds the law, protects the company’s bottom line and keeps in pace with best human resource practices. Addressing the subject should go beyond the statistics to include a discussion about national values, perceptions, politics and public relations (Backer &O’Hara 1991). Drug Addiction in the Workplace The Statistics American drug users consume 60% of the world’s illegal drugs (Coalition against drug abuse, 2014). Two million use heroin, six million abuse cocaine, 18 million have alcohol addiction issues and approximately 23 million use marijuana more than four times in a single week...
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Drug Addiction

..., 1996). Memphis city in Tennessee has been in the recent past ranked among the major crime cities in America with drug addiction as a major contributor to the rising number of crimes in the city. According to Sanders (2007), the rate of drug abuse and drug addiction in Tennessee is particularly acute. This state has even been ranked among the two major cities where drug addiction in America is a major problem (Sells, 2009). Drug addiction is a situation where the behaviors of an individual are influenced by use of drugs (Bozarth, 1990). Drug addiction is basically associated with various adverse consequences on the human body. Amongst them all is the fact that drug addictions eventually lead to suicide or suicide attempts. The past...
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