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In Bacon's rebellion, why was it said to be only a rebellion, not a revulation - Essay Example

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The first reason was Bacon did not intend to overthrow the government. His only intent was to fight the Indians. Secondly, Bacon only had the issue of fighting the Indians, not a real…
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In Bacons rebellion, why was it said to be only a rebellion, not a revulation
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Extract of sample "In Bacon's rebellion, why was it said to be only a rebellion, not a revulation"

Download file to see previous pages Bacon thought the Indians, all Indians, were the enemy. After warring Indians made raids on the white population, Bacon wanted to eradicate them. The common men liked this sentiment, so started following Bacon. Fear and racism led to Bacons successful recruitment of his followers.
Bacon did not have a revolutionary statement. His rallying cry to the men was kill the Indians, not overthrow the government. Since, the government wanted to capture and execute the warring Indians, Bacons ideas were not revolutionary. Bacon rebelled because the government would not give him permission to kill the Indians. Even the permission that Bacon did receive was forced by Bacons men. The King never gave Bacon permissio to lead this band of men.
If Bacon would have stuck to fighting Indians, his actions might not have even been considered a rebellion. However, his men started plundering richer citizens that sided with Berkeley. Racism against the Indians motivated Bacon, but so did greed. He plundered not only from the Indians, enslaving them, but Berkeleys friends and the richer class.
When Bacon died of the bloody flux, his followers quickly disbanded. Other than a few followers, when Berkeley came back the men switched allegiance to him. The Bacon followers who did not vow allegiance to Berkeley were executed. No real change was made in the government by Bacons influence.
Bacons original message about eradicating Indians was the intent of the Berkeley led government all along. Thus Bacon did not even influence this aspect of governmental policy. Berkeley had made up his mind that all Indians were bad. Bacon did not give Berkeley a chance to implement this idea, until after Bacons own death. Both men shared their hatred of the Indians.
If Berkeley would have focused on taxes, corruption, or lack of protection from the Indians, a revolution could have occured. Real change could ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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