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Part ONE: Colonial America: Describe the founding and characteristics each of the four colonial cultures: Chesapeake (Virginia), Deep South (South Carolina), New England (Massachusetts) and Middle (New York, Pennsylvania). Tell me how each of these four cultures developed in the late 1600’s and 1700’s…
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Midterm ONE
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"Midterm ONE"

Download file to see previous pages However, in 1609 there was some reorganization in the area and the London Company became the Virginia Company. This year also heralded the arrival of Lord De La Warr as the first governor, and the subsequent establishment of strong work ethics (Brinkley, 33). 1612 saw a man named John Rolfe begin to grow tobacco in Virginia, something which turned out to be very profitable for the area and began the expansion of the colony. Additionally, 1619 saw the area gain the first slaves from Africa, as well as the growth in population from women and children, which allowed the culture to begin to thrive. The Virginia colony was also important for providing a model for U.S. government which we still use today, with 1650 seeing the meetings of elected representatives splitting into two chambers as seen in congress today. The later part of the 17th century saw Bacon’s Rebellion, which was essentially a revolt against the governor of Virginia by Nathanial Bacon. The main reason for the uprising was that the people of the Virginia colony were upset that the governor was ignoring pleas for a stronger military presence in the area (Brinkley, 35). Although seeing some minor success, Bacon died before progress was made with the revolution, but this did sow some seeds for a Revolution before the Revolution. ...
South Carolina had strong links with the overpopulated Barbados, which had already begun to embrace slavery. The links with the Caribbean and the interest in the economics of slavery in this region are crucial to understanding the build-up to the Revolution. The colony in New England (Massachusetts) began to grow in the early 17th century with the arrival of pilgrims (who were separatists from the Anglican church) left Holland and boarded the Mayflower to settle in Virginia. However, the boat did not arrive in the Hudson River as planned but ended up in Cape Cod, where they landed outside the London Company’s territory. They found some land that had been cleared due to some Native Americans dying of disease and the local residents helped them to found their own colony. William Bradford was elected governor and sought legal permission to found the colony. More people began to arrive who did not agree with the religious tenets of the area but came because of fertile land (Brinkley, 45). In 1664 Charles II gave his brother James territory between Connecticut and the Delaware river, some of which had already been claimed by the Dutch (Brinkley, 28). One of the major settlements in the area was New Amsterdam, but this soon surrendered and became New York. There were tensions in the area between the Dutch who were considered “patrons” and the wealthy English settlers. Pennsylvania was founded because dissenting English religious group founded by George Fox wanted to find a place for religion and a distinctive social order. Quakers, back in England, had suffered persecution and looked to America to provide a tolerant new land to live in. Pennsylvania had good relations with the Native Americans and always paid ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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