Alcohol/drug abuse among college students - Essay Example

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(WebMD, 2007) Substance such as drugs and/or alcohol abuse leads to a poor physical appearance, health, social, and mental deterioration.
As part of the study, the researcher…
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Alcohol/drug abuse among college students
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Alcohol Drug Abuse among College Introduction Alcohol abuse could lead to more than100,000 incidence of mortality in the United States each year. (WebMD, 2007) Substance such as drugs and/or alcohol abuse leads to a poor physical appearance, health, social, and mental deterioration.
As part of the study, the researcher will discuss about the influence of alcohol/drug abuse and binge drinking on biosocial, psychosocial, cognitive development; its impact on developmental course of relationship; as well as its influence on health, strength, physical appearance, and gender.
Influence of Alcohol/Drug Abuse or Binge Drinking on Biosocial, Psychosocial, Developmental Course of Relationships, Cognitive Development, Health, Physical Appearance and Gender
A research study reveals that puberty stage is highly related with the risk of substance abuse. (Patton et al., 2004) According to Brook, Whiteman and Finch (1996), childhood aggression is highly associated with substance abuse as these individuals becomes more mature. The complex behaviors and personality dispositions such as impulsiveness and aggression among the adolescents (Zuckerman & Kuhlman, 2000), their poor self-control and behavior (Griffin et al., 2000), delinquency (Ellickson et al., 2003), and behavioral problems (Barnow et al., 2002) are some factors that could lead a person into the habit of substance abuse.
In general, individuals who decide to indulge with alcohol/drug abuse and/or binge drinking could strongly and negatively affect their social relationship with friends, family, and other people including their psychosocial and cognitive development. The research study of Barnow et al. (2002) shows that adolescents with a problem of alcoholism are more likely to have behavioral problems due to parental and peer rejection causing them to get acquainted with people who uses drugs and alcohol substances. Such behavioral problem often leads them into excessive drugs or alcohol use causing them to end up not being able to develop a good relationship with other people. The feeling and/or mentality that they are not accepted by friends and their love ones trigger them into binge and excessive drinking or even the use of illegal drugs rather than socially mixing with the people around them.
With regards to mental development, the use of excessive drugs creates a blood/brain barrier that affects their cognitive and perception ability whereas excessive use of alcohol could also negatively affect the brain’s neurological and cognitive functioning. (Connelly, 2003)
Excessive use of substances like cocaine and methamphetamines could lead to constriction of blood vessels causing heart damage or stroke as well as irregular heartbeat; alcohol causes liver failure; and tobacco results to lung cancer. (eMedicineHealth, 2007) It also leads to a poor physical appearance due to lack of personal hygiene. They also have wrinkled skin and sag more quickly due to the dehydrating effect of alcohol and drugs. With regards to gender, even though some women are also into alcohol drinking, research study proves that men are more inclined to heavy drinking more than women. (Griffin et al., 2000)
Alcohol/drug abuse could deteriorate the physical, mental, and psychosocial development of each individual. In worst cases, it could even lead to one’s death.
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