Technology is a Blessing and not a Curse in the Workplace - Essay Example

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Even though technology is a concept so useful in everyday life, a strict definition still remains hard to pin down. In an attempt to do so, The Merriam Webster Online Dictionary has defined technology as: “the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area.” …
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Technology is a Blessing and not a Curse in the Workplace
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"Technology is a Blessing and not a Curse in the Workplace"

At this point it would not be imprudent to suggest that the beneficial impact of technology on the worker is much underrated.
In his paper ‘The Degradation of Work Revisited: Workers and Technology in the American Auto Industry, 1900-2000’, Stephen Meyer points out that during the era of Ford*, most of the workers used to be unskilled and had a variety of jobs to do. However as most modern economics textbooks will point out, the emphasis is now on a division and specialization of labor. The downside of this is that boredom slowly creeps into the work system, a fact that is hardly depicted by the emergence of the workaholics of the 21st centaury. In fact, these workers who used to earn $ 5 a day (State University of New York Press, 1981, The Five Dollar Day) can now earn much more than that in an hour today. The luxuries they enjoy at home are something that was only possible due to the technological restructuring of their workplace.
Another direct product of technological advancement is the improved level of communication between employees and employers (Werner J. & James W., 1979, Communication Theories: Origins, Methods and Uses). Technologies like mobile communication, satellite video conferencing and the utility of transporting all your data home and work there enable workers to be more connected with their workplace and employers even at home. Of course, critics have not been far behind. In a research paper, a Stanford student points out that this leads to less personal time at home and hence deterioration of family life. He also points out that now employees remain at the mercy of employers, even at home. Read More
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