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Practicing Dieticians/Nutritionists/Nutritionists, physicians and healthcare professionals engaged in Syndrome X care provision 3. Members of Dieticians/Nutritionists/Nutritionists Association of Australia (DAA) interested in acquiring a new specialist accreditation.
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Program Proposal
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"Program Proposal"

Download file to see previous pages hes to Syndrome X factors ,as were available on standalone basis, some 15 years back; Record the present evolution of the holistic approach; List out nutraceuticals that have been accepted.; Trace developments in other nutraceuticals.;Correlate syndrome X states with nutraceutical remedies both as leading medicine as well as support medication within the holistic approach; Have a clear view on advantages of various approaches-say allopathy;Similarly have a clear view of disadvantages of various approaches; Map out management strategies with predefined degrees of severity; Train the participants in the art of modulating and fine tuning such strategies depending upon the case at hand; Review clinical stages of obtaining therapeutically approval for nutraceuticals,and study evolution of law in therapeutic approval.
Syndrome X is a disease state which has been identified, not very long ago, along with the constellation of diseases it encompasses. The concept is an evolving one and is an all important concept. Its importance is enhanced by the fact that a large population suffers from Syndrome X symptoms and has the fear of escalating into more disease state if one particular disease state is ignored or not adequately addressed. Thus, an enhanced understanding of the holistic conceptualization of syndrome X would bring about a much better approach to treatment approaches. A conventional approach is to treat only one of the disease states within the constellation of the disease states identified under syndrome X and focus either lifestyle based or allopathy based treatment on this particular approach. This makes the healthcare system ignore several other symptoms which might be aggravating elsewhere. As and when these symptoms grow noticeable these are again taken up with either of the above approaches for treatment. It is widely acknowledged that the usual approach is to focus on allopathic drugs with lifestyle contributions coming only in the form of supplementary ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Program Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 Words.
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