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Most critics contend that in Shakespeare’s play Othello, Desdemona is the ultimate victim of an inevitable tragedy as women frequently fall victim to men’s offenses and it is always the men who determine social structures. The emphasis on the patriarchal society in this…
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Download file to see previous pages ful reevaluation of the play points to the fact that the ultimate victim in this classic play by Shakespeare is not Desdemona but Brabantio – Desdemona’s father.
Brabantio, a Venetian Senator, awoke one night from a commotion brought about by Iago and Roderigo as they notify him that Desdemona has absconded with the "black ram" or "Barbary horse," or Othello. The two men tells the senator that the "lascivious Moor" has taken Desdemona and she has "made a gross revolt,/ Tying her duty, beauty, wit, and fortunes/ In an extravagant and wheeling stranger/ Of here and every where (1.1.126-137)." When sense that his daughter is not in her bed, he ensues to place the culpability on his daughter and likewise blames Othello. Most critics would argue that Brabantio should have blamed himself more that anyone else (Hageman 67). On the other hand, Brabantio is deceived by the two, eloping without his consent. Brabantio’s sensibilities are injured by this act as first, he is a respected senator in Venice, and second, he is the father of a girl who ran away with a person he considered friend. Embarrassed and furious, Brabantio anxiously cries out to Roderigo, "O unhappy girl!--/ With the Moor, sayst thou?--Who would be a father!--/ How didst thou know twas she?---O, she deceives me/ Past thought!......O treason of the blood!/ Fathers, from hence trust not your daughters minds/ By what you see them act (1.1.163-171)."
Brabantio’s initial reaction demonstrates fury as he suffers betrayal from Desdemona, the daughter he adores. The words "treason of the blood" are particularly significant as they propose not only an act of unjustifiable trickery but also a profundity of fervor for his daughter – which in effect, a trickery he fails to grasp. Eventually, he illustrates Desdemonas temperament as "A maiden, never bold;/ Of spirit so still and quiet that her motion/ Blushd at herself (1.3.94-96)." Brabantio asks himself how the two are able to deceive him.
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Othello Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 3.
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... Iago’s success in convincing Othello to hate his wife attributes to the male attitudes towards women in the play. In the beginning, Othello appears to trust his wife Desdemona, to the extent of admitting his love for her in the presence of her father, Brabanzio. Brabanzio’s attitude to women is evident when dealing with his daughter (Shakespeare 24). Brabanzio learns that his daughter and Othello are secretly married when Iago and Rodrigo inform him of his daughter’s disappearance. When Brabanzio is sure that his daughter is missing, he commences a mission to search for Othello with the help of officers. Desdemona’s father blames Othello of stealing his daughter through the use of witchcraft before the senate; however, the senate... is...
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...Task: Othello William Shakespeare is one of the world’s most popular personalities in the world of literature. His sonnets, books, songs, and plays have been used by several literature analysts and students in various matriculation institutions across the globe. Among his popular plays is Othello, a play which he compiled and wrote in 1603. It was based on one of the Italian short stories, a Moorish captain. The play revolves around four major characters, who are Othello, who is the Venetian army General, Desdemona who is Othello’s wife, Cassio, Othello’s lieutenant, as well as, his trusted ensign, Iago. The play has various thematic backgrounds mainly...
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...The Heroism of Othello The theme of the tragic hero is one that runs through much ic literature, from the ancient Greeks to Shakespeare and beyond. In understanding the concept of the tragic hero, it is important to understand the criteria as set forth by Aristotle (“Aristotle”, 1998). According to that illustrious philosopher, there are six major elements required to make up a tragic hero. To begin with, these heroes (or heroines) must have a noble stature, excessive pride and a tragic flaw. These three character traits combined must then lead our character to his or her downfall, from which they make an admission of their own guilt and are then redeemed in the end. In his final words, Othello...
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...Character OthelloOthello is one of Shakespeare’s masterpieces. It is especially so because of its vivid characters and wide-ranging themes. There is the Moorish general Othello, who is out of place in Venice, who allows jealousy to get the best of him. And there is Iago, a person who Coleridge once described as embodying “a motiveless malevolence.” Together these two characters—the protagonist and the antagonist—act out the play’s greatest theme: jealousy and possessive love. It is clear that Othello is madly in love with Desdemona and that he lives his life by a code of honour. It is equally clear that Iago does not live by a code or if he does his code is “manipulate...
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...Othello Lago is the standard bearer of Othello and the main villain of the play. He is married to Emilia who is unquestionably distrustful towards him. Lago admits lusting after Desdemonna and justifies his actions that Othello may have slept with his wife, and so he just wants to get even. Later in the play Lago murders his wife which could be due to his strong hatred for women. He is an extremely cunning individual and makes various characters in the play believe that he has their best interest at heart. He enjoys watching the downfall of people, so his main aim is to destroy those who trust him. Lago resents Othello because of promoting Michael Cassio to the...
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...Laurence Olivier portrayal of Othello was not Racist Race was not a theme in the Shakespearean play Othello; however, the exact race of the main character, Othello has always been a subject of intense controversy with some claiming that the character was an African man and others suggesting that the character was an Arab. Jolted by the increasing number of black population in England and concerned by the plight of black Caribbean community in the country, Laurence Olivier decided to star as a contemporary Caribbean in a Stuart Burge’s film Othello (1965). This led to an intense discourse on racial issues fuelling the film to huge success and in the 21st century, there...
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...Prof: Othello Othello, a play by Shakespeare, portrays the tragedy regarding Othello, a well-respected General of Venice. The play depicts his downfall at the disposal of Lago’s manipulation. However, this actor does not appear to fit well as a noble protagonist because he seems to have more than the normal ‘tragic flow’ and is not necessarily the principal actor in the act. This essay presents the various characters in the play, depicting their traits and contribution to the overall tragedy that sees Othello murder Desdemona. Starting with the opening statements of the scenes of the play, Othello maintains distance from most of the action that is...
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...Is Othellos race a key factor in his fall? al Affiliation Introduction In Shakespeares heartbreaking play Othello; many scholars have argued differently on the factors that led to Othello’s downfall. Being a moor of the Venice, Othello’s skin color was described as a black man who was not racially accepted in the culture and society for the whites in Venice (Crawford, 2009). The Othello relationship with Desdemona is one of the instances that portray Othello’s race as a determining factor for his downfall. Many scholars interpret Othello as a white man in the body of a black man. Additionally, acknowledging that Othello is a black who goes against the social norms provides another reason of Moor’s downfall (Hugo, 2004). Othello’s... ...
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...Part A: Post your first Othello journal here:  "Describe your initial impressions of Othello and Iago (based on what they say and do, as well as others’ impressions of them)."  Comment on at least three other posts by classmates.  ( I will post my 3 classmates post later on the end of this file to a make comment for each one please). Answer: My initial impression of Iago is that he is an ambitious and vain man. He is angry that Othello did not choose him as his right hand and he ridicules Cassio as someone who does not know what real war is. Iago is vain for thinking he is better than Cassio without even considering the latter’s strengths. In addition, Iago is overly ambitious and power-hungry. He is willing to use deception... ,...
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...July 24, The Foil of One Another: Othello and Iago One is good, but vulnerable; the other is evil and powerful. William Shakespeare’s Othello shows the extremes of human identity through the characters of Iago and Othello. Othello represents what is good in humanity. He is just, loving, and loyal to his masters and wife. Iago, on the contrary, is wicked. He knows he is evil and he does not even hide it from others who know him well. He has no honor and shame. The film Othello, directed by Oliver Parker, reflects who Iago and Othello are in the play. Iago and Othello are the foils of each other, mirroring good and evil in...
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