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In your 17 or 18 years of life, in what do you place your highest value, what is your passion and what do you have a commitment towards. Explain why - Essay Example

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We all have temporary passions, things that seem important for a short time, and as we grow older and expand our experiences, we realize how transient many of these passions can be. My father is certainly more enduring than temporary passions; indeed, his example and his words…
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In your 17 or 18 years of life, in what do you place your highest value, what is your passion and what do you have a commitment towards. Explain why
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Extract of sample "In your 17 or 18 years of life, in what do you place your highest value, what is your passion and what do you have a commitment towards. Explain why"

Download file to see previous pages More particularly, this essay will discuss education as my most important value, learning in different settings as my passion, and my commitment is a desire to develop personal learning habits which will contribute to and enhance my education values.
As an initial matter, the concept upon which I place the greatest value is education. Without an education, without knowledge and experience, I am what my father refers to as an empty house. Education, as my personal value, is not intended to be defined too narrowly; quite the contrary, I envision education as encompassing facts and experiences. It is learning how to socialize with different kinds of people as well as learning about facts. It is as much about learning about my limitations, whether physical or emotional, as well as learning about philosophies and the hard sciences. Curiosity is one of my motivations and a desire to live my life purposefully is another. We learn every day, if we are aware of the opportunities, and in this way education is something which permeates our lives. I can’t think of a greater value to be passionate about.
Related to my choice of education as my greatest value is my continuing passion to learn in different settings. To be sure, most people associate education with formal educational settings. They think of desks, and classrooms, and exams. This is certainly one type of learning setting, but is hardly the only setting of which I am passionate about. My passion is to visit lakes and ponds, to examine artifacts and relics in museums, and to meet people both young and old. Each experience furnishes the house to which my father alluded, making it more beautiful and complete, and I view broad experiences as a passion to be pursued and indulged in with passion.
Given my greatest value, and my passion for broad experiences, my commitment is to develop learning habits that help me to fulfill my goals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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