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Sociology Research Proposal - Second part to Literature Review - Essay Example

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As is usually the scenario, terrorist organisations attempt to justify their murderous acts in the name of faith, religion or any other specific objective. The whole of society would likely support the idea that the destruction of innocent civilians cannot, however, be justified…
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Sociology Research Proposal - Second part to Literature Review
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Extract of sample "Sociology Research Proposal - Second part to Literature Review"

Download file to see previous pages The American September 11, 2001 World Trade Centre tragedy was one of severe calamity which claimed many lives. The 9/11 event was followed by another act of terrorism on July 7 in London: A bombing in 2005 which claimed 56 lives. These two activities dominated much of media attention worldwide creating a linkage of a particular religious group in these two activities. The method by which media reporting of these terrorist activities is presented often portrays Islamic-based or Muslim groups in an unfavourable light, creating questions as to the credibility of reporting the events as being somewhat biased. Media reporting often fails to report terrorist activities with objectivity, leaving Australian citizens with a one-sided viewpoint regarding the Islamic faith as a whole, likely creating a level of unsubstantiated discrimination against this entire religious group.
This proposed study is designed to examine the reporting methods and media portrayal of Islamic terrorist organizations which might be competently attributed to Australian social discrimination against Muslim individuals. It is proposed that this link can be established between media and Islamic discrimination through analysis of media content within the period followed by the September 11 and July 7 terrorist tragedies.
The recent increase in global terrorist activities and the method by which terrorists have conducted many of their hostile activities have attracted attentions of individuals from media and society as a whole. Repetitive press linkage of one particular religious group has given rise to the interest behind this research. The aforementioned American and British tragedies have boosted the over-generalization of the Muslim community as a whole by the media worldwide. Even more specific, Australian media has taken an active interest in the portrayal of those in the Islamic faith as being generically linked to terrorist ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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