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Assess the extent that the UN has been successful since its creation - Essay Example

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Not very long ago the world had seen the two biggest wars of the human history collectively taking the toll of about 64 million people. Europe was crippled by the wars. It was in this context that the 51 States, shortly after…
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Assess the extent that the UN has been successful since its creation
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Extract of sample "Assess the extent that the UN has been successful since its creation"

Download file to see previous pages The Role of the United Nations).
What is role is the UN playing today? Has the UN really been able to achieve the target of maintaining peace throughout the world? Has it really become the instrument of the super powers to fulfill their selfish motives? Since its creation a number of questions have been raised on the credibility of the UN. Big nations are bypassing the charter of the UN so how far is it relevant? Is it really going the League of Nations way?
The most recent case has been the case of Kosova, where the UN controls the administration. Is that the role UN is supposed to play? Or is that UN was compelled to take on the Kosova due to the hegemony of the super power. Was really the war on Kosova by NATO essential? These are the questions, which are bound to come up while discussing the role of the UN in the world stage. If the UN has really made mistakes in Kosova, has it really understood its mistakes or is it still repeating them? The study indeed shows that the mistakes are still being committed. Is only preventing the war sufficient for the world peace? Can the world be peaceful without the welfare measures? And how relevant is UN really today, when we have seen the recent Afghan war and the Iraq war. These are the questions, which we shall try to answer in our discussions. These are the never ending and controversial questions.
The Preamble of the UN clearly states that United Nations was founded to prevent and resolve international conflicts and help build a culture of peace in the world. These intentions are clearly reflected in the departments and the programs of the UN. The UN is taking care of everything that can be the source of the conflicts. The conflict can occur amongst the States or within the States and their causes can also be different. The former can be due to the land dispute, water dispute or other natural resources dispute. The conflicts within the State can be due to religious tensions, due to illiteracy, due caste system ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assess the Extent That the UN Has Been Successful since Its Creation Essay.
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