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Using an Ofsted report for an establishment not known to you, identify possible future actions to be taken by the school to improve performance - Essay Example

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Elfed has made at least satisfactory curriculum provision for ICT, including some balance between teaching ICT skills and its application across subjects. However, it was still not in a position where ICT was embedded in pupils’ learning to the extent that it was a frequent…
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Using an Ofsted report for an establishment not known to you, identify possible future actions to be taken by the school to improve performance
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Extract of sample "Using an Ofsted report for an establishment not known to you, identify possible future actions to be taken by the school to improve performance"

Download file to see previous pages Where these were good they contributed to a high level of ICT capability, which pupils developed as they progressed through the school and which they could apply progressively in a range of subject contexts. 13
The layout of computer rooms at Elfed was found to be unsatisfactory, usually because there was no room for pupils to undertake work away from machines. Where there was a flexible and spacious arrangement, this enabled a greater variety of teaching and learning styles in lessons and facilitated better lesson planning in line with the ICT strand of the Key Stage 3 Strategy. 16
Elfed had some provision for technical support. In some cases a permanent member of the support staff had been specifically trained and could assist with both technical and curriculum requirements. Teachers who lacked confidence found this level of support invaluable and were reluctant to use ICT without it. Such support also enabled the ICT coordinator to remain focussed on curriculum and staff training as opposed to non-curricular matters 16
ICT generally impinged on standards in other subjects in indirect ways, for example through improved opportunities for pupils to work collaboratively, creatively and to solve problems. Pupils were interested, enthusiastic and curious about ICT and this contributed to their engagement and motivation, including some who were otherwise reluctant learners. This drove them to explore the potential of ICT, sustained their concentration and promoted their independent learning. However, this was dependent on being part of a well-planned broader context such as appropriate teacher input and support to enable them to use ICT independently and successfully. 17
As the business world continues to reel from the effects brought about by technological change, the UK educational community is now experiencing the challenges associated with the transition to a more learner-personalized, ICT-enabled education. Some ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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